Your Mission Viejo House is for Sale During the Holidays?

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Your Mission Viejo House is for Sale During the Holidays?

What?  Your Mission Viejo House is For Sale During the Holidays?  Be Prepared!mission viejo house is for sale during the holidays

It’s the happiest time of the year, and time for the real deal on keeping your house, your treasures, your guests, your pets and your presents safe if your Mission Viejo house is for sale during the holidays as 2014 roars to a crescendo.  Amid the scurry and flurry of shopping, wrapping, baking, traveling, and caroling, you’ll also have to scurry to keep things safe when your Mission Viejo house is for sale during the holidays.  Let’s just run down the list.

Keep your house safe– If you have lights inside or outside your house while your Mission Viejo house is for sale during the holidays, make sure all the cords, connections, cables, and fuses are out of the driveways, pathways, stairways, and walkways in and around your house.  The last thing in the world you want this holiday season is to have a Realtor or her buyer trip and fall on your lighting arrangements and either wound themselves or light your house on fire.  You don’t want to add a law suit to your Santa suit collection.

Keep your treasures safe – If you have a solid gold menorah that’s been in your family for a century, you might want to keep it in the safe deposit box this Hanukkah when your house is listed for sale, or loan it to another family member for safe keeping.  What about your sterling silver tea service and place settings for 12?  Refrain from setting them out on the dining room table until the day of your huge gathering, when you are sure that there won’t be any showings.

Keep your guests safe – If you have friends or family from out of town staying with you this holiday season while your house is on the market, let them know what to expect.  If there are visiting teenagers, they need to know that if the elect to sleep until noon, a complete stranger may open their bedroom door well before they are up and at ‘em. Upon opening the door, the inquisitive buyer unwittingly may barge into their sweet dreams which may have just turned into a nightmare.  The client screams, the Realtor screams, and the sleepy  teen dives under the covers for protection.  Also make sure your guests are all showered and dressed before the lock box can be used to let Realtors access your house.  A whole different level of screaming comes from someone in the shower who is not expecting a visitor.

Keep your pets safe – Most animals share the stress with us at this time of year.  The cat freaks out when a huge tree is now inside the house.  The dog chases the cat around the tree and the cat then tries to climb the tree.  Just then, the Realtor and her client show up at the front door.  Great.  Complete strangers entering the strange land.  So the dog barks, the cat shoots up the tree and the tree falls over on the Realtor.  Something you want to avoid at all costs.

Keep your presents safe – As the spoils of Black Friday and Cyber Monday spill out of your closets and secret hiding places, just remember the wrapping guidelines for home sellers.  Put everything in a box much larger than a breadbox.  Whether you’re wrapping an expensive small electronic device, a precious piece of jewelry, or a board game – first put the gift into a box so large that no one could manage to remove it from under your tree without being immediately detected.  This may mean sacrificing a couple moving boxes and extra rolls of wrapping paper, but save you from a devastating loss.

Be prepared.  Be safe.  Be happy. Enjoy your holidays!

Leslie Sargent Eskildsen is the Real Deal Realtor specializing in South Orange County home sales.  I can be reached at 949-678-3373 or

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