You Won’t Believe What the Mission Viejo Realtor Saw and Smelled

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You Won’t Believe What the Mission Viejo Realtor Saw and Smelled

Clearly my message is not being heard.  Or, all of you reading these articles ARE NOT the Orange County CA homeowners trying to sell your house today.  Because let me just tell you, after showing 21 Orange County houses in the last three days, there are just too many home sellers who have not gotten the message.

Rather than go on another rant about how important it is to de-clutter your house, stage your house to sell, and set a trap for buyers by paying attention to how your house appeals to all five senses, I figured you might enjoy the specific details about what I’ve seen recently.

You tell me if these people have ANY interest in getting their house sold for as high of a price as possible and as fast as possible:

The Smelly

Actually, this week there were two winners in the smelliest house on the market category.  Both homes hit me at the front door – as in offended my nose as soon as the door was opened.  I’m talking pungent, acrid, heavy, offensive, nauseating, and eye-watering houses.  The reek of garlic, grease, and spices strong enough to permeate every pour of the property was extremely distracting.  I suggested a good degaussing – meaning that my clients might consider a thorough washing, as well as the house in question.

The Messy

This home had at least one open suitcase, with contents on display, in every single room; including the dining room, living room, and family room. Dirty laundry was piled up in the hallway. A queen-sized mattress sitting on its side, leaning against the upstairs hallway banister, conveniently blocking the view of the downstairs entry way with a two story ceiling.  Also, remnants of breakfast were decorating the kitchen counter.

It didn’t end there. Dishes were piled up in the sink – not in any harmonious fashion – and devoid of any distinguishable color scheme. Books were strewn about the floor, abandoned for other pastimes. There were personal care items strewn willy-nilly on the bathroom counters. Not to mention, the dog poop resting in the grass in the front entry and on the front porch. A hot, unappealing mess.

The Suspicious

“Oh, yes, just give me a minute to get my dog and we’ll take a walk so you can look around. ”This seller started with extra points for understanding that you have to LEAVE when your house is being shown!  Sure, we can wait! So after a few minutes, she says the coast is clear and in we go.  After a brief walk-through, we realize there is a three-wick candle burning in every single room.  Living room, kitchen, dining room, all three bedrooms. Something that makes you want to say, “I wonder what they are trying to cover up? The smelly food from last night, the mold growing in the bathroom, or the smelly dog?”  None of the preceding being a good answer.

The Embarrassing

Hearing the dreaded “OH, excuse me!  I thought this was a closet!” exclaimed when my client opened the door, only to find someone using the bathroom.  Certainly this is an effective demonstration of the functionality of indoor plumbing, but an embarrassing encounter for both parties nonetheless.

So please, Orange County homeowners, it’s time to get serious about trying to sell your home. Otherwise, why bother at all?

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