You Want What in Your Mission Viejo Home?

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You Want What in Your Mission Viejo Home?

There’s usually a short list of requirements that most Mission Viejo home buyers have in mind when they hit the home searching trail. Green WallpaperOf course, the numbers are always a part of the short list for Mission Viejo home buyers.

The number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, number of square feet, number of dollars in the budget, and number of hours you can dedicate each week to finding and buying the home of your dreams make the top of most all home buyers’ list.

You might be interested to know some of the more unusual requirements that Mission Viejo home buyers have come up with over the years regarding things they must have or must not have from their house and neighborhood. Here are some of my favorites.

We must have an open-concept floor plan with the kitchen blending into the family room. Admittedly not that unusual, made even more popular by the home buyers and sellers featured on HGTV.

We must have a true, separate, distinct formal dining room.

We must have a place for the green chairs.

We must have a discrete, private place for the kitty litter box.

We must have enough wall space for the 32 individually framed and quite sizable pieces of original art.

We must have a place for the 70-inch flat-screen TV, free from window glare and with suitable space for our L-shaped couch and chaise lounge.

We must have no loud children playing in the street or riding bicycles, playing tag, riding Razors, or playing baseball.

We must have on-site RV storage large enough to accommodate our camper trailer.

We must have a separate bath tub in the master bathroom – not a tub/shower combination.

We must not have a homeowners association.

We must have Lake Mission Viejo membership privileges.

We must have room in the garage for the golf cart.

We must not have any audibly detectable traffic noise when all the doors and windows are open.

We must have a perfect place for the Christmas tree. And enough room around it to set up our G Scale Model Train set.

What’s on your list?

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