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You Hate to Hear It – Mission Viejo Real Estate Horror Stories

You Hate to Hear it in Mission Viejo Real Estate

You Hate to Hear It was a “bit” I have to attribute to long time Southern California syndicated DJs Mark and Brian.  So in homage to radio gurus who were the highlight of my morning, I bring you the You hate to hear it in Mission Viejo real estate - have a back up planMission Viejo real estate version of You Hate to Hear It.  Things that you wish had never happened at all, had ended differently, or had happened to someone other than you – you hate t o hear it.

Finding out that you don’t qualify for the loan you need get to buy the Mission Viejo house of your dreams two days before you’re supposed to close escrow.  After you were assured  by the lender’s representative that you were approved for the full loan amount.  After you removed all of your contingencies, which put your deposit in the hands of the sellers when you have to cancel the purchase because you can’t get the loan you need to buy the house of your dreams.  You hate to hear it.

Finding out that the Short Sale home you bought has been on the Mission Viejo Home Owner’s Association (HOA) neighborhood watch list for the many code violations the former owners ignored and never disclosed to you.  You had a punch list of repairs and remodeling projects with an associated budget, and sadly none of the HOA required fixes were on your list.  You hate to hear that.

Finding out that the landscape improvement plans you submitted to the Architectural Review committee of the Coto de Caza HOA included the gate you recently had installed from your back yard fence on to the private Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club golf course.  Then having the HOA approve the landscape upgrade plans, but disapprove the gate you just installed.  You hate to hear it.

Finding out that someone previously died in the Coto de Caza house you are buying, but it wasn’t disclosed to you because the documents the seller filled out only require disclosure of a death on the property within the last three years, and the death that occurred in the house you are buying happened much longer than three years prior to the date you signed the agreement to buy the house.  You hate to hear it.

And finding out from a friend, whom you’ve told with a great deal of excitement about the Coto de Caza house you’re in escrow to purchase, that the house is in a neighborhood with a reputation for spouse swapping.  Whether it is an urban myth, an hallucination conjured up by the neighborhoods’ version of Gladys Kravitz, doesn’t matter to you.  You’re not buying a house in that kind of neighborhood.  Thankfully, you found out while you still had the right to cancel without forfeiting your initial deposit.   You hate to hear it but are glad there’s something of a silver lining at last!

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