The Wild Wild West in Orange County Real Estate

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The Wild Wild West in Orange County Real Estate

This is surely the Wild Wild West in Orange County Real Estate.  The bear rug with the gaping mouth open and terror-invoking teeth sparkling in the sun greets you as you enter this BEDROOM decorated, no scratch decorated – try crammed to the gills (no pun intended) with trophies from the Great Hunter.

This is a suburban home in Orange County – not a taxidermy shop with an apartment upstairs.  Remember those 7 Tips for Home Sellers – well I guess I’m going to have to add an 8th – “REMOVE THE SCARY AND POLITICALLY INCORRECT TAXIDERMIED HEADS FROM THE BEDROOM OF THE HOME YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL.  STOP SCARING MY CLIENTS’ CHILDREN”

And exactly how did you get a zebra head?  Aren’t they protected or something?  Seriously.

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And if you can positively identify ANY of the animals in this video – please email your info to me at

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