What Would Some Mission Viejo Realtors Do?

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What Would Some Mission Viejo Realtors Do?

Some Mission Viejo Realtors Would Do What it Takes

Some Mission Viejo Realtors today are not only about the big shiny Mercedes sedan, the glossy fliers and the gold blazer with the company logo on the lapel.  No, it often takes more than that to get it done these days.  And some Mission Viejo Realtors would go to unexpected measures to help you buy or sell a house in Mission Viejo and other lovely South Orange County neighborhoods today.  For instance, some Mission Viejo Realtors might do the following:

  • Generate a detailed project plan  – for the mold remediation including a work breakdown structure with specific task descriptions, assigned responsibilities by name and function, deliverables, and due dates by hour in order to make sure the mold removed from the kitchen cabinet prior to the close of escrow.  Then email the list to the five different people named on the list who had to complete their specific tasks on time and within budget.  Then actually follow-up and expect that every single piece was done on time and correctly.  And the house closed on time.
  • Create a spreadsheet with 19 specific items sequentially ordered, that had to be completed for the buyer’s to remove the derogatory items from his credit report.  Please review your credit scores annually, lest you be caught off guard when you get ready to borrow money to buy a house.  To which the buyers’ agent responded “nobody does that.”  Well, somebody did.  And the loan was approved and funded.
  • Negotiate with the seller to release the buyer’s deposit from escrow to pay for the furnace repairs that the FHA appraiser required to be completed prior to approving the FHA loan to buy the seller’s house.
  • Rush out, at the crack of dawn, to look at a new listing that met every one of the buyer’s wish list items.  Then calling that buyer at work (where she was dutifully carrying out her job responsibilities in order to make enough money to be able to buy a house) to let her know that she needed to submit her offer quickly or her perfect house would be sold to another qualified buyer.  Oh yes she did submit that offer and it was accepted. And she did eventually get to see the house before she bought it.
  • Notice, during the periodic lulls in traffic at a five-hour Open House, that your kitchen cabinets are just a tad bit less clean than might be desirable to a qualified buyer, then scrounge through the myriad cleaning supplies in the cabinet under your sink to find the one single remaining magic eraser sponge.  Then, throughout the next four and a half hours of the Open House, proceed to apply said magic eraser sponge to each of the less than clean areas of your kitchen cabinets and drawers until the sponge was reduced to a piece of lint and thrown into your trash can.  Leaving your kitchen a bit brighter and shinier.
  • Spend seven hours at a septic inspection at your house, monitoring the activities of the buyers’ septic inspector and his faithful sidekick as they flushed a monitor down your toilet and tracked it coursing beneath your house and out into the front yard, since neither you or your Realtor actually knew where the septic tank was located, because the seller declined your request for a septic inspection when you bought the house five years before.  Then your Realtor might watch the septic inspector’s faithful sidekick methodically dig up your front flower bed, getting the septic inspector’s assurance that each and every plant would be replaced upon completion of the inspection, and all the dirt would be washed off your sidewalk and driveway.    And then pull out the hose to get the rest of the dirt the faithful sidekick missed as she waves at the now full 2500 gallon septic waste disposal truck leaves your driveway.

Yes, some Mission Viejo Realtors do roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to get you the outcome you hired her for.  And yes, I was a Century21 Agent.  And never wore the blazer.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen.  Just keeping it real in Mission Viejo Real Estate.

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