What Not to Do in Local Mission Viejo Real Estate in 2014

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What Not to Do in Local Mission Viejo Real Estate in 2014

What Not to Do in Local Mission Viejo Real Estate in 2014

As the new year rolls along and everyone recovers from the holiday bliss, it might be worthwhile to review some of the local Mission Viejo real estate customs, courtesies, and common sense pointers for home sellers, home buyers, and home loan sales representatives.

For Mission Viejo Home Sellers:

  • Don’t make buyers jump through flaming hoops to get in to see your house.  Move the hula hoop, gasoline, and Bic lighter to the side yard and sweep off the welcome mat.  Then write on your iPad 5000 times “Yes, of course, you can come over in 10 minutes.”
  • Don’t forget to get rid of the stink.  As a courtesy to prospective buyers, take out the trash, dump the diaper pail, and clean up the kitty litter.
  • Don’t neglect to flush.  It is customary to flush every toilet.  In every bathroom.  Every day.  Mellow yellow doesn’t hold water when you’re trying to entice buyers to make an offer.

For Mission Viejo Home Buyers:

  • Don’t use your outside voice when you’re inside the sellers house commenting on their, in your opinion, tacky décor.  They may remember your comments when they get your offer.  Common sense says; wait until you are back in your Realtor’s cushy car to discuss the highlights of the decorating horror.  You may all need a little comic relief at that point.  House hunting can be very stressful.
  • Don’t not go look at the house your Realtor drives you to see.  Double negatives are less than desirable, so let’s try it again.  If you beg, plead, and pester your Realtor to get you in to see that house you’re so curious about, when you actually arrive at the front door, don’t chicken out.  Common sense says you should show respect for the seller’s efforts to make the house ready for you.  Even if it looks like the house from the Money Pit or the Winchester Mystery House, be courteous and go take the 10 minute tour.  You’re not likely to wind up on a desert island; you’ve no obligation to do anything other than say, thank you.  Then get back in your Realtor’s cushy car and let all the snaky comments flow in privacy.
  • Don’t load your young children up on leftover holiday sweets as a bribe to behave while you’re touring homes.  The sugar rush will turn them into what my dad used to call “a bull in a china closet.”  When he called me that, I didn’t get it.  Bulls live on farms. Now I totally get it.  No sweets for the kiddies, please.

For Mission Viejo Home Loan Sales Representatives (commonly referred to as lenders, loan reps, or mortgage reps):

  • Don’t call your client, the home buyer, to congratulate them on the fact that their loan just funded.  Yes, I realize that this marks the cutting of your pay check, but your borrower doesn’t own the house just yet.  There are a few more chutes and ladders that have to be crossed to get to the nirvana of home ownership.  When you are feeling celebratory that another loan funded, it’s customary to call your client’s local Mission Viejo real estate professional with the happy news.  She’ll take it from there.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen, Realtor.  Just keeping it real in Mission Viejo real estate.

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