Want to Sell Your Mission Viejo House Quickly? Remember the Four D’s

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Want to Sell Your Mission Viejo House Quickly? Remember the Four D’s

If you’re determined to sell your Mission Viejo or Coto de Caza home, this is for you.  These are very cutting edge Orange County Real Estate Industry terms that are critical to your success as a seller in today’s market.  The hardest part, by far, of getting your Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita or Coto de Caza home ready to be sold, as quickly as possible for as much as possible, is making it ready to sell.  Here are the Four D’s for South Orange County Home Sellers:

1.    Depilitizing – Getting rid of the piles of things around your home.  Like piles of magazines in the family room, piles of laundry in the kids’ rooms, piles of books on your bedside table, and piles of dishes in the sink.  Or piles of dust on your window sills, piles of cook books on your kitchen counter, or piles of Reader’s Digests next to the toilet.  The piles must go.
2.    Dereminderizing – Getting rid of the reminders about Doctor’s appointments, Dentist’s appointments, soccer practices, dance lesson schedule, school bell schedule, and the phone number to order pizza which are not-so-neatly stuck to your refrigerator doors with Angels Baseball Magnet Calendars from the 2005 through 2009 seasons. The reminders must go somewhere else.  Try a popular calendar app on your phone or tablet, for starters!
3.    Decollectablizing – If you have more than three of any related items grouped together on a surface, a wall, in a cabinet, or in any other method of display in your home, that qualifies as a collection and it must be packed away and made ready for the move.
4.    Dezooatizing – The massive dog beds in the family room, living room and an upstairs bedroom along with the food and water bowls, cat litter boxes, four bedroom five story kitty condos, humongous bird cages with the pooper platter on the floor underneath and the reptile aquarium for the family iguana have to be hidden or moved to your best friend’s house.  The more your house looks like an animal enclosure from the Santa Ana Zoo, the less attractive it will be to potential buyers.

Add these to your pre-listing “To Do” list.  Then you can use them in the past tense and proudly report that you have depilitized, dereminderized, decollectiblized, and dezooatized your home.  Congratulations!

I’m Leslie Eskildsen, just keeping it real in Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Caza, and Dove Canyon Real Estate.
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