To Re-Key or Not to Re-Key Your Mission Viejo Home – The Decision is Up to You

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To Re-Key or Not to Re-Key Your Mission Viejo Home – The Decision is Up to You

But if I just bought a home in Mission Viejo, I’d re-key.  Not so much the key to your heart, but when talking about the keys to your new kingdom, get new ones.  And the door locks to go with them.  The same day your Mission Viejo Realtor hands you the old keys to your new home.  Here’s why.

If you bought your Mission Viejo home from an Equity Seller, a real person or family, they probably had all kinds of keys to the house out in the universe.  The kids and grand kids all have house keys.  A couple of neighbors of course have keys, just in case they need to get into the house while the former owners were on vacation and an emergency had arisen.  (You’ve heard about tsunamis, tornados, and lightening-induced wild fires, right?)  The maid service has a key, hopefully the reproduction of which has not gone viral at the first indication that the house was to be sold.  The babysitter has a key for sure, and maybe her boyfriend.  Maybe even the dog sitter, the plant tender, the pool guy and the gardener.  And the one hidden somewhere – in such plain sight that anyone could find it.  So I’d be going not very far out on that proverbial limb to say there are probably an average of 10 keys to your Mission Viejo house in someone else’s hands the day you move in.  Feeling a bit insecure?

If you bought your home from a Short Sale seller, it’s pretty much the same story.  While the names have been changed to protect the innocent, all the family, friends, neighbors, and household servicers are likely to have a key.  To the lock that protects you and your family and your family’s stuff.

Here’s where it gets a really creepy. Did you buy a Mission Viejo REO?  Well, thankfully the bank re-keyed the main locks on your house the minute they got that asset on their books.  Or as soon as the occupants moved out.  But here’s the fine print.  Most banks use the same master key for every single one of their properties.  The same key for every single home.  And there are usually two keys for every lock they replace.  I did a little back of the envelope scenario.  Average of three locks changed per home and they provide two keys per lock. Twenty-four thousand seven hundred and three – 24,703 – REO homes have been re-keyed in Orange County since January 1, 2004.  That’s 148,218 keys.  Even if there are 15 – 20 master keys, that’s a heck of a lot of exposure if you are living in an un-re-keyed REO home in Orange County today.  It really only takes about an hour to re-key three locks with the same new key and costs under $150.00.  Re-key.  Please.  Call Peter Bau at 949-395-2000 for more information on your re-key options.

Call me if you want more information on re-keying or any other topic – 949-678-3373.

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