Thinking of Buying a Home in Orange County? – Got Strategy?

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Thinking of Buying a Home in Orange County? – Got Strategy?

You Can Be Successful in Today’s Orange County Real Estate Market – If You Play to Win

In today’s competitive  Orange County Real Estate market, you need a strategy to be a successful home buyer.  You need to by crystal clear about your finances, your top priorities in a home, and how hard you are willing to work to make it happen.

As a home buyer, you need to be clear about your money, your timing, and your most important features in a home.  Here’s how this breaks down.
You need to learn the truth about Short Sales, REOs and Equity owners so you can make informed decisions about the offers you make and the approach you take.  Short Sales have an unpredictable up front waiting period while the bank considers your offer – it could be 2 – 6 months in some cases.  REOs are in unpredictable condition, often vacant for months. This could affect your budget if there are repairs that need to be made that the bank is unwilling to do.

You need to know that homes are being priced under market value in some cases – creating a false sense of affordability for some buyers.

Home mortgage interest rates are at an all time low – seriously, it’s like banks are giving money away to QUALIFIED buyers – people with documented money already in the bank, and money coming in every month, and manageable re-payment obligations (commonly called debt.)

You’re probably not surprised to learn that you are not the only one looking for a great deal – there’s fierce competition for homes under $500K.  And it may also shock you to learn that you’ve found a great deal if you can get 80% of what you are looking for in a home.  Regardless of the price range.  Honestly.

So let’s get busy – focus on all the right reasons to buy a home in today’s Orange County Real Estate Market – low low home prices, low low low interest rates, and long sunny days of Summer.  Perfect!  Let’s Go!

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