Things to Change to Sell Your Mission Viejo House

Going to Sell Your Mission Viejo House?  Some Things May Need to Change!

When you decide to sell your Mission Viejo house, you may need to change a couple of things to make your Mission Viejo house as appealing as possible to as many potential home buyers as possible. You certainly do not want to alienate any of these buyers based on your own personal traditions.  When you are ready to sell your Mission Viejo house, here are five critical things to change before you do.

The Wall of Pictures of Your Complete Family History.  If you have a special wall where you’ve charted the growth and rites of passage of every member of your family from the invention of the camera forward, you have to take it all down.  Ancestors, baby pictures, birthdays, graduations, weddings, family reunions,  the formal portrait with all of you in denim on the beach, and all the rest have to be packed away.  You’ll also have to fill in the holes and maybe even repaint the wall.  Think about an abstract painting in a festive accent color if the space is really begging for decoration once your heritage has been taken down.

The collection of stuffed animals that has become a mountain of fluff and fake fur.  Even if is started as innocently as saving that polar bear you won for your wife when she was only your date at the county fair, all the hundreds of others you’ve collected over the years have to be packed away when you’ve decided to sell your Mission Viejo house.  All of these furry loved ones have to go night night, so the bed can be seen to show off how spacious the bedroom really is.

The altar, prayer room, shelf, table, or chest holding a collection of religious statues, paintings, icons, or artifacts.  If you have a special place in your house or condo set up to facilitate any sort of religious practice, you must take this down before you put your house up for sale.  This includes but is not limited to likenesses of Buda, Christ, Krishna, and Bob Marley. If it is crucial to your religious practice to keep these in your home, you must make do with a closet or closed cabinet while your house is for sale.  Once you’ve removed the statues, paintings, icons, and artifacts, you need to return the space to what it might typically be used for – as a place for a chest of drawers, decorative painting, mirror, book case, end table, or couch.

The Shoe Depository. If you have a special place where you, and all of your family members, leave your shoes when you come home, you have to make a new place to hide your shoes.  You need to clear the area where you might normally kick off your Keds, Jimmy Choos, or Top Siders to add to the assortment of other family members’ shoes so buyers can view your fabulous flooring.

The collection of taxidermied wild animal heads affixed to the bedroom walls and the bear rug adorning the floor with the fanged teeth racing the entrance door to the bedroom.  The British would immediately deem this “very off-putting”and in our county this will send buyer’s chasing after their small children to console them and protect them from psychological damage.  Check out this video if you think I’m joking.

This is really only useful if you Number 1, have these areas in your house, and Number 2, if you are seriously want to sell your Mission Viejo house.  Other wise, kick your shoes off, grab a furry friend, and give a toast to all of your relatives!

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