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  • We can't say enough about Leslie! She is amazing and went to bat for us numerous times when purchasing our first home. We could not have done it without her! She was supportive and really made the crazy process of buying a home a great one. We recommend her to anyone and everyone in the area. She is a fighter and willing to go the distance for her clients. Now that we are settled and not house hunting every weekend (thankfully) we miss seeing Leslie.   She became part of our family. We are so thankful that we stumbled upon her at an open house and consider ourselves lucky to have such an awesome Realtor. We will be calling her again one of these days when we plan to move again.

    Emily D
  • Leslie was absolutely the consummate professional as our agent for the sale of our home. She showed remarkable patience and understanding as we were likely not the easiest folks to deal with. It took almost nine months for us to prepare the house for sale, with numerous questions posed to Leslie such as, "should we do this" or "who do we call for that." When finally ready, she repeatedly analyzed the "comps" until we felt comfortable with our 'asking' price. Leslie arranged professional pictures for the online tour, which clearly was a major factor with generating interest and differentiating our property from the competition. We had a buyer in less than three weeks, and Leslie was nothing short of marvelous in terms of handling all the paperwork, then arranging all the inspections & tasks associated with 'closing'. She is extremely smart, up-to-date on all aspects of the Real Estate industry, sensitive to the inevitable traumas associated with buying & selling a home, a tireless worker, and most important, ethical beyond reproach. We couldn't recommend her more highly.

    Read C.
  • I'd highly recommend Leslie Eskildsen for both buying and selling a home. Here is my story…. I already had a relationship with an experienced realtor that I had bought my home with 8 years prior. As I hunted for a new home for our family, I just kept on getting the feeling that this agent wasn’t working very hard for us.  She showed up late to a lot of our appointments, took too long to call/email back, and I just didn’t feel like she was going above and beyond.  When I’d show up to an appointment and I knew more about the local comps than she did I knew it was bad (this happened a lot). After 6 failed offers we almost threw in the towel. During this time, I was reading Leslie's articles in the Register newspaper every Sunday. I loved them. She seemed witty and funny, yet real. She seemed to really know her stuff.  Instead of totally giving up, I thought I’d give her a call.She picked up right away (something my previous agent never did) and was very helpful. Within 1 hour of calling she was sending me all sorts of places we needed to go look at. She was calling agents to get the low down on their listings. She was calling on things in “Pending” to get a feel for what they sold for.  I mean… she was going bonanzas doing all this work that my other agent never did.  Wow- was this was a “good” agent does? To be frank, she was calling and emailing so much that first day I didn’t know if I could keep up with her!  I mean, she is on top of it. It would take up to 5 hours to hear back from my other agent so I wasn’t used to all this.That night we went to a listing. It was perfect. We made an offer… and found out that there were tons of cash offers and other buyers in line, hot and ready to buy the property.  It was a short sale, and priced really well in a nice community… we knew there would be fierce competition. Leslie was ready for battle.  Wow- she thought of all these cool things I had never even heard of.  And… she knew the other agent.  Yep. Knew the agent.  Really, sometimes relationships in this industry is all you need to win. And Leslie knows EVERYONE.  I digress….  So after losing 6 previous offers, we were desperate and disillusioned with the whole process.  We needed to win.  We did end up having the wining bid… but what was so great about the entire thing was she never pressured us to pay more than we were willing, and I believe she helped us get the very best price possible to win the house (without paying too much… that would suck. Because any agent can always win when they have clients over pay).Well – the property was a short sale, which means gobs of paperwork and lots of waiting.  Leslie was amazing. She would drive to my husbands work to get papers signed, then over to me without batting an eye.  She was just “Do whatever it takes” attitude. Which was awesome.  I’m happy to say the home closed July 2013 and we are happily settled in.Onto selling my home with Leslie.  Well that was filled with more drama than I ever anticipated.  We had a buyer in escrow, and  they cancelled on us. Then we went back into escrow with them. They were crazy demanding and difficult in every sense of the term.  She hand-held my husband and I through the process and shielded us from their craziness as much as possible.  Oh- I should also mention that she, yes, Leslie herself, helped us do some major scrubbing/cleaning/sanitation because of a mold issue in one of our bathrooms.  She was happy to get down and dirty to get the deal closed.  That is Leslie for you. Willing to do what it takes. That property closed September 2013. I am a huge Leslie fan and I would recommend her to even the most demanding/picky buyer/seller.  She will exceed your expectations. I promise!  You can bet I will be using her next time I buy… and recommending her to all of my friends and family as well.

    Karen W.
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