In Escrow? Meet 30 of Your New Best Friends

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In Escrow? Meet 30 of Your New Best Friends

If you are a home buyer or a home seller in Orange County today, to complete the deal you have to make it through Escrow. And just like rides at Disneyland, your escrow may be as calm and uneventful as a trip on the Monorail, or as wild as Space Mountain – twists, turns, ups, downs, and all of it with you in the dark!
Here are the 30 or more people who may help you have a smooth ride or throw in a twist during your escrow:

Home Buyer (s)

Home Seller (s)

Buyer’s Agent

Seller’s Agent

Asset Manager (the seller for REOs)

Negotiator (the seller for Short Sales)

Escrow Officer

Escrow Assistant

Buyer’s Lender

Seller’s Lender (current mortgage holder)

Home Appraiser

Home Inspector

Mold Inspector

Mold Remediation Professional

Termite Inspector

Pool Inspector

Roof Inspector

Home Owner’s Association Escrow Representative

Home Owner’s Insurance Sales Representative

Home Warranty Policy Sales Representative

Zone Disclosure Report Company Representative

General Contractor


Heating and Air Conditioning Professional


Geological Surveyer

Title Officer

Loan Processor

Loan Underwriter

Loan Document Manager

Loan Funder

Recorder, County Recorder’s Office

Trustee (in the case of a Short Sale)

Your Realtor will be your go-to person for any questions you have or help you need along the way.  But let’s be very clear – your Realtor cannot influence any of these professionals or the companies they represent – other than to hold them accountable to be honest, thorough, timely, economical, communicative, and responsive.  And this motley crew of characters is never the same for any transaction – it’s all about the property itself, its circumstances, and the people collected together to make the transaction happen.  You just never know what will happen.

My first home purchase was held up by snipers on the roof of the bank funding my loan (yes, snipers, that would mean people on the roof with very accurate guns) – apparently they were trying to rob the bank.  This delayed my closing because they evacuated the bank building and the loan didn’t fund.  The Funder had to leave work to save her life.  My carpet instalation was scheduled for the next day and my agent at the time (I was just a kid!) worked it out so I could get the carpet in even though the sale hadn’t closed.  Closed and moved in the next day – but it was a white knuckler for sure!!!!

Got a great escrow story!  Let’s hear it!  Or call me and let’s get you in escrow and see what you story turns out to be!

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