Stage Your Mission Viejo House to Sell – Even in a Seller’s Market

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Stage Your Mission Viejo House to Sell – Even in a Seller’s Market

Stage to Sell – three little words that pack so much punch in Mission Viejo home sales

In any market, it’s critical to stage your Mission Viejo house when you are getting ready to sell.  Regardless of the interest rate on home loans, the price of homes in your neighborhood, or the number of homes on the market, you will always get better results when stage your house specifically to sell it as quickly as possible and for the most money possible.  Of course, we all have a visual image of what it looks like to stage a house to sell it – and it is usually a model home (which there are some new model homes popping up in many Orange County neighborhoods), something you remember seeing in Architectural Digest, on Downton Abbey, or one of the houses of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Let’s get down to the top two staging priorities for hopeful home sellers in today’s Orange County market.

1.       Clean and Tidy – the Foundation of a Successful Sale

Clean, dust, polish, vacuum, rake, sweep, power wash, mow and blow – use any or all of these techniques to make your home crystal clean.  Now it’s time to tidy up.  Put away everything.  Pack up the legos, books, crafts, greeting cards, collections, hobbies, bills, magazines, bowls, canisters, dog toys – look around your house an complete the list.  Take it down to the bare bones and make sure everything is sparkling clean and all your stuff is stored away.  Even if it fills up your garage.

2.       Emotional Appeal – The Bait.  The Trap.  The Lure To Bring The Buyers Begging For Your House

Color schemes are great place to start staging.  Pick a simple palette for each room or vignette.  If you have dish clothes, canisters, napkins, dishes and glasses in all colors of the rainbow, pick two complimentary colors for your kitchen display and box the rest up – you are moving, remember?  It doesn’t matter if the pieces your choose were in the extreme mark down bin at Target or from the last neighborhood garage sale, if they look good together, are clean and well organized, you’ll get that “wow” factor – that you paid attention to detail showed that buyer how beautiful your house can be.

Display only two or three items on your counter tops.  Just saying “displaying items” should put you in the mindset that you are staging your home for a specific purpose – to entice a qualified buyer to make an offer!  That applies to ALL counters – kitchen, bathrooms (yep, all of them), laundry room.  It even extends to the tops of buffets, sideboards, couch tables, dressers, bedside tables, and bookshelves. You should set all dining tables with matching plates and coordinating glasses.  When selecting items to display, your toaster oven with the aluminum foil wrapped around the insert-able tray is not one of the items you would choose to display on your kitchen counter.

Look at each and every room with a new vision.  Is your kitchen beckoning prospective home buyers to come on in and start dinner?  Better yet, does it look like dinner is ready to be put on the table?  Does your living room look like the lobby of a 5 star hotel or the sitting room of a penthouse suite?  Does your master bedroom look like the butler just plumped your pillows, turned down your covers and is there a designer chocolate on the pillow?  Does it look so inviting that you worry about coming home to find someone may actually be under the covers?  If you can say yes to most of these questions, you’re on the right track and if your home is priced right, expect an offer soon!

I’m Leslie Eskildsen.  Telling it straight in Orange County Real Estate.

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