Signs to Watch Out for in Mission Viejo Home Sales

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Signs to Watch Out for in Mission Viejo Home Sales

Just Signs for Mission Viejo Home Buyers and Sellers, Not Necessarily Stop Signs

Oh the twisted paths we travel on our way to buying or selling a home in Mission Viejo today.  And trust me, the Real Estate path is full of curves, bumps, pot holes, bridges, and signs along the way.  Trouble is, the signs you may encounter during your Real Estate transaction are not as obvious, color coordinated, or well lit as those that keep vehicular traffic flowing.  Thank goodness Realtors know how to read the signs to help you avoid crashing, making a wrong turn, or getting a speeding ticket.

For instance, just because the sign says “Notice of Default,” it doesn’t mean you can’t buy or sell.  It just means you need to pull over to the shoulder, check in with the bank(s) and get a pass to move ahead.  Kind of like a toll booth.

And just because your nose tells you there’s a sign of mold or mildew wafting through the house, it doesn’t mean you need to give up.  It just means you need to take a detour and find the source of the smell.  Once you find the source, then you just have to zig zag back and forth to reach an agreement on how it gets fixed and who pays for it.  Just like switch backs help you get up the mountain, keep the negotiations going as long as it takes to get what you want.

And what about the gap in price as big as the Grand Canyon between you and the other guy and there’s no bridge in sight?  You can either try an Evil Knievel and jump it.  Or fill it in with other concessions and build your own bridge.  If the other guy doesn’t even offer you a landing pad, you may need to turn around.

Just like Mission Viejo rush hour traffic, when you’re on the road to buy or sell, there’s always the unknown lurking around practically every corner.  Knowing how to read the Real Estate signs will help you steer clear of disaster.  And don’t worry – you picked a great Realtor, right?  Rely on her to help you navigate the bumps along the way!

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