Realtors’ Motto – Always Be Prepared. Check Out My Bag.

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Realtors’ Motto – Always Be Prepared. Check Out My Bag.

You think taking a day to look at Orange County homes that you might want to buy is a walk in the park?  Think again. It is really hard work.  Almost as brutal as Boot Camp.  Or Basic Training.  Or the Pre-School Playground.  And just like a good Scout, a good Realtor is always prepared for a long day in and out of the car.  So you can be comfortable and stay focused!

My buyer tour survival bag of tricks might surprise you!  Because if you go all toddler on me and start whining and complaining that you’re thirsty and tired and hungry and that house was so gross you need a shower – I have fortification – to keep you going.  Remember, I’m making a living here. If you check out – it’s game over for all of us. So here’s what’s in my bag. In no particular order.

Pens and Pencils – so you can write down the memorable house names and your pithy comments.
Measuring tape – so you can see if your bed, couch, and TV will fit.
Flash light – many homes in this market are sitting vacant without electricity. You’ll want to see what they look like. A little light on the matter will help.
Water – so you stay hydrated, lucid, and ambulatory.
Snacks – to keep your blood sugar level at its peak performance.
Toilet paper – because what goes in must come out. At some point.
Kleenex – when you ball your head off because you’ve found the home of your dreams, you’ll want to blow your nose and dry your eyes.
Paper Towels – just in case there’s some grossness to clean up.
Hand sanitizer – to make sure the grossness germs are eradicated.
Pain Medication – in case the overwhelm causes you to develop a headache or you twist something coming down the stairs. OTC, of course. Extra Strength for sure.
First Aid kit – in case First Aid is required. Dog bite. Flea bite.  Bee sting. When you’re feeling bad. Please bring your own Epi Pen if there’s even a slight chance that something we encounter will throw you into anaphylactic shock.
Cork Screw and Red Cups – in case a celebration is in order.

Of course I’ll bring a folder for you with detailed report on every house we’re going to see, with space for you to make notes.  This is where I recommend give the houses special names – so you’ll remember. Like the chicken kitchen house, the puke ugly yellow bathroom house, the yappy dog in the laundry room house, or the awesome rock slide pool house.

The point is, I’ve got you covered.  My bag of tricks will get us through almost anything we may encounter on your home tour.  So you can focus on finding just the right place for you!  That’s what you want, right?

I’m Leslie.  Just keeping it real in Orange County Real Estate.  Call me when you’re ready to make it happen.  949-678-3373. 

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