Real Live Home Inspection Introduction – What’s the Big Deal?

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Real Live Home Inspection Introduction – What’s the Big Deal?

Here’s the real deal on buying a used home in Orange County, CA.  Some one has lived there before you.  Maybe multiple someones.  They’ve cooked, eaten, washed, cleaned (or not,) slept, bathed, gone potty, and parked in the garage.  They’ve had kids, pets, friends and family.  They’ve had TVs, DVDs, PCs, SUVs, coffeemakers, toaster ovens, space heaters, and electric blankets.  In some cases you can meet them and talk to them.  In other cases you will never meet them or hear anything about what went on at the house while they lived there.  And while there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 55 pages of seller disclosures required by most California Real Estate Brokers, you don’t get to see these until AFTER you’ve made an offer to purchase the home.  And negotiated a price with the seller.  And opened escrow with your deposit check cashed.

Take a look at this series of blogs on Home Inspections.  I asked Jack Clausen of JLC Inspections to give you some advice about what to look for up front, what to be concerned about before you decide what price to offer.   This includes the importance of having the right mindset going in – on a scale ranging from dated fixer with major problems to moderately well maintained to pristine, brand new, or completely remodeled.  So you can make an informed offer.

We’ve also included how to interpret the Home Inspection Report, the scope and magnatude of the most commonly found health and safety issues in Orange County homes today, and the optimal time to do your home inspection.  So you won’t be shocked and horrified when you get the disclosures and see the extent of previous repairs that were made and when you get the inspection report and see the (perhaps long) list of noted health and safety items.

Hope this helps you navigate your way through identifying and solving issues you may discover during the home buying process.  There are even some tips to help you maintain your home once you move in.

Oh – for home sellers – this may give you some ideas about some maintenance items you can take care of before your buyer makes an offer or does a home inspection.  Just a thought.

Again, I’m just keeping it real in Orange County Real Estate.  Call me if you want to go look under some kitchen sinks!  949-678-3373.

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