Ready to Buy a Home? Be Prepared – It May Take a Lot of Looking!

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Ready to Buy a Home? Be Prepared – It May Take a Lot of Looking!

In all my years in Orange County Real Estate, the standing record for the number of homes visited in one day is 25.  He’s the story straight for the successful, but exhausted, home buyer. Here’s Kemp!

While we looked at a total of probably 45 homes, it was one long Sunday that provided the break- through Kemp and I needed to really focus in on the right place for him.  The key is good communication and team work.  The more honest, genuine, and detailed you can be in providing feedback on the homes your Realtor shows you, the better she can serve you.  Big things like size, price, age, condition are all important.  So things like cabinet space in the kitchen, natural light,  window position, and where all your stuff will fit in the new space are also important in making your decision on a home that works for you.

So, be honest.  Be chatty.  Say what’s on your mind. Say what you like and what you don’t like.  Say how the home makes you feel.  Listen to things you Realtor points out (if they’re experienced, they’ve heard from hundreds of buyers and may show you something you’d have otherwise over looked or under valued.)

Also be prepared to make a lot of offers – listen to Rachel and Alan’s story!

Yep.  We looked at at least 100 homes.  And made 23 offers.  I don’t give up easily, and neither can you if you want to be successful in today’s Orange County Real Estate Market.

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