Please Protect Your Valuables While Selling Your House

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Please Protect Your Valuables While Selling Your House

In Mission Viejo – Protect Your Valuables While Selling Your House

So, your Orange County home is for sale.  There’s a lock box on the front door and you hope and pray a steady stream of motivated, qualified buyers come through.  You need to protect your valuables while selling your house when you open your home to agents and their clients.  Especially during Open Houses, Holidays, and Summer Vacation.  The list of things you need to do to protect your valuables while selling your house may surprise you.

1. Prescription Drugs – All prescription meds are target for theft by unknown visitors to your home.  And you won’t find it hard to believe that the most popular drugs for visitors to pluck out of your medicine cabinets and drawers and swiftly deposit into their roomy pockets are the big three V’s Viagra, Valium and Vicodin! Don’t give anyone the chance to lift these valuable pill bottles from your premises! Do you think for a second that Dr. Gregory House wouldn’t look to see if you had any Vicodin he could pocket – get real! Protect all your prescription meds by locking them up, storing them away, out of sight and in an unlikely, inaccessible area.  This holds true not only when you are marketing hour home for sale, also when you have contractors, housekeepers, babysitters, and pet sitters in and out of your home.  Just as a precaution.

2. Small electronics – I-pods, I-pads, I-phones, Cell phones, GameBoys, Kindles, and laptop computers are also a target for easy pickin’s – easy to slip into a pocket while touring your lovely home.  While agents who are with their clients have a mindful eye on your home, they are not familiar with your personal belongings and cannot always be watching their group of clients.  Picture a family of 5 – mom, dad, Bobby, Cindy, and Marsha.  All go wandering through the house at their own pace and in the rooms that interest them most.  Andie Agent isn’t going to be able to watch all the hands and pockets – nor will Andie Agent be able to spot when something valuable of yours is not in its place.  Be pro-active and place all valuable or sentimental small electronics out of sight and as inaccessible as possible.  (Get the main idea here?  Out of sight and inaccessible.)

3. Jewelry – watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces – anything of real or sentimental value –  say it with me  – Out of sight and inaccessible.  Don’t tempt anyone to help themselves to your pretty baubles, bangles and bling.

4. Guns and Ammo – Seriously.  Sellers says, “Leslie, should I have my husband take the automatic pistol and ammo box out of the upstairs bedroom while our home is on the market.”  Hello?  Yes!  Put the guns out of sight and make them absolutely inaccessible.  Locked away is your safest bet.  And put the bullets somewhere else entirely, out of sight and inaccessible.  And the Samurai Swords.  Sabers.  Machetes.  Hara-Kiri knives.  Locked up, again, is always best.  Out of sight and completely inaccessible.

So there you have it – what valuables every Orange County Home Seller needs to stow away out of sight and put in an inaccessible area to prevent unexpected and costly loss.  Can you think of anything else?  If you can, let me know!

If you want more information on getting your home sold, give me a call – 949-678-3373.

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  • Chrisina Banaga

    AWESOME information Leslie! Keep giving people the real informaion ;).

  • Jimminey Cricket

    Ms. Eskildsen,

    Continue with your pithy, keeping-it-real blog addressing the roadmap thru backroads of Real Estate issues, personalities, procedures, and administrivia. Leslie, you have found your MoJo – keep these flip-video blogs acomin’. The simple visual cues and self-depreciating Real Estate Agent talk keeps your buyers and sellers in your trust circle. You are “Lookin’ out for the ‘peeps,'” not a bad brand to market. Keep it comin’.

    Your appreciative friend,

    Jimminey Cricket

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