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Orange County Real Estate Signs for Open House & Sales

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I suspect that many of you reading this are secretly pining to become a Mission Viejo Realtor, since you get such a pretty picture of what Realtors deal with to land those embarrassingly huge commission checks. The unceasing uphill battle with Mission Viejo home sellers to stash their clutter and stage their homes to sell, to ambivalent buyers who act as if these cheaper-than-dirt interest rates will last forever. Oh yes, we Realtors have it made. So when you decide to join the Realtor ranks, here’s a head’s up for something you’ll need to pick up when you sign up. You guessed it. You’re going to need some Orange County real estate signs. Perhaps more Orange County real estate signs than you suspect. Here are Orange County real estate signs you’re going to need to launch yourself into the Realtor space.

Open House Signs – The very day you get your real estate license, you’re going to hold an Open House. No, not your clients’ house – you just got your license, you don’t have any clients yet. You’re going to hold another Realtor’s clients’ house open, so you can find come clients of your own. And you’re going to need some signs to let people know you’re open for business. You’ll need a lot of Open House signs to draw people in from all directions. It won’t be uncommon for you to use 25 or more Open House signs to pull in all the potential clients you want to reach. I’ve heard of Realtors who even have countdown Open House signs that say things like “You’re Almost There!” and “Just Two More Blocks to the Open House” – seriously.

Now here comes the kicker on Orange County Open House signs. Depending on the city/neighborhood where you’re hosting your Open House, you may need a specific size and color of Open House sign. Don’t assume that the horizontal green arrow signs that are acceptable in Rancho Santa Margarita will work in Coto de Caza. You need square pink and brown signs if your Open House is in Coto de Caza. And if you only have Coto de Caza pink and brown signs and your Open House is in Rancho Santa Margarita, you’ll discover that the RSM SAMLARC HOA patrol will pluck them up and tuck them away in their ancillary storage building next to their office on the lake. And they are very nice about giving them back. As is the Aliso Viejo Police Department. When you place your Open House signs in Aliso Viejo, regardless of the size or color, less than three feet from the sidewalk, your sign(s) will be confiscated and placed in a dumpster behind the police station. You might need a step stool or ladder to pull them out.

For Sale Signs – Based on the success of your Open House, you now have clients who want you to sell their house. You’re going to need For Sale signs. Your options are what size of sign, the design of the sign and how it is mounted. And what the clients’ HOA allows. Woodbridge in Irvine will only allow a small brown sign with white writing on a stake. Not your glamorous head shot and contact info hanging from a massive wooden post, with the plug of sod you had to dig out to install the massive wooden post saved off to the side for the buyer to patch back into their front yard when your sign is removed. If you put that massive post on your clients’ house for sale in Coto de Caza, your client will get a fine from the HOA for violating the rules.

Just saying, welcome to the club and get your Orange County real estate signs right.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen just keeping it real in Orange County real estate.  Call me.  Text me.  949-678-3373.

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