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Orange County Real Estate Resolutions – 2011

Easy to Implement Success Strategies for Orange County Home Buyers and Sellers

As the New Year begins, the Costco shelves are lined with vitamins, weight loss products, self-help books, and exercise equipment, where just minutes ago there were flat screen TVs, Snuggies, cases of champagne, gigantic pies, and crates full of Almond Roca.  Those brilliant marketing people know your top New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight, eat better, and get more exercise and they are putting all the right products in the right places to get you to buy buy buy, right?  Well I’m no dummy.  I can benchmark off of the best marketing minds out there.  So here goes.  Your Orange County Real Estate Resolutions – all packaged up for you and ready to go.  For everyone who has resolved to take advantage of what’s going on in the market this year.  No waiting in line.  No membership card necessary.  Take as many as you need to improve your chances of success as a buyer of a seller in Orange County this year.  My New Year’s gift to you.

New Year’s Resolutions for Orange County Home Sellers

  • I will be ruthless in the pursuit of making my house look like a model home.  I will invest the time and energy it takes to de-clutter, de-personalize, and decorate my home to sell it. 
  • I will pack my Hummels, my Lladros, my tea cups, my thimbles, my autographed Laker’s jerseys, my Angel’s bobble heads, my National Geographics – all of my collections and collectables will be packed and put away. No matter how many boxes it takes. No matter if it means getting a storage facility.  I’ll do it.
  • I will vacuum every single day until my house is sold. The vacuum tracks on the living room carpet will have Major League Baseball field managers re-evaluating their grass mowing patterns.
  • I will never leave the house with dirty dishes in the sink, dirty laundry on the floor, or dirty counters.  Never.
  • I will say “YES!” every time an agent calls to show my house.  Yes.  Every time.  No matter what.
  • I will leave my house every time a buyer comes to take a look.  Every time.  No matter what.
  • I will respond to every offer I receive.  Every single one.  No matter what.
  • I will not cuss very loudly or for very long when I get an insulting, low ball offer.
  • I will respond to all 57 items on the buyer’s request for repairs.  Even the one about the missing light bulb in the hall.

New Year’s Resolutions for Orange County Home Buyers

  • I will get a pre-approval for a home loan in writing from a direct lender or reputable broker before I start going to look at homes with a Realtor.
  • I will be as clear as possible about my top priorities in buying a home. 
  • I will be open to re-evaluate my top priorities based on what is really going on in the market.  If I can’t get a turnkey 4 bedroom white water ocean view detached home built in 2004 or later with no Mello Roos or HOA dues and a 3 car garage within walking distance to a Blue Ribbon Elementary School for under $400,000.00 – I may have to give on one or two priorities.
  • I will only look at homes that I might actually want to live in and that I can actually afford.  The words “I wouldn’t mind looking at that house” do not exist in my vocabulary.
  • I will not take any Counter Offer as a personal rejection.  I realize that at the fundamental level, this is a business negotiation.
  • I will not let the home of my dreams; the one that meets the most of my highest priorities; the one where my children will grow up and where all of their childhood memories will be made; where we will host all of our family celebrations – I will not let that home slip away over a couple of thousand dollars.
  • I will read and respond to every email and hard copy document I receive from escrow, my lender, and my Realtor the day I receive it.
  • I will not do anything to damage my credit score or financial position until I hear the words “We’re Confirmed!” and I get the keys to my new home.  I will not buy the new washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave. Not until the home is mine.

There you have it.  Now figure out which ones you need to adopt to improve your chances of being successful in the Orange County Real Estate market this year – and resolve to follow through.  You can do it!

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