A Used House is Like a Used Car – Kick the Tires!

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A Used House is Like a Used Car – Kick the Tires!

So, you’ve found the perfect Orange County home for sale and you pull the trigger and say – “Let’s Buy It!”  You’re super excited, can’t wait to move in…. But wait.  There’s more to know….

Once you calm down and go back for a second look, you may realize that the house isn’t in perfect shape (big inside scoop – none of them are!)  Burned out light bulbs, missing switch plates, and dirty carpet are on my  list of “Minor Issues” – one good trip to Home Depot and you’re done.  Garage door doesn’t auto reverse, main electrical panel switches are not all labeled, and water pressure is above or below target level are on my list as “Medium Issues.”  Active leaks under sinks or in the slab, roof leaks, missing appliances, inoperable Air Conditioning or Furnace are on my list as “Significant Issues.”  Mold is in its own category called “Mold.”

But here’s the deal – these choices are all up to you.  Your Home Inspection Report is not a “punch list”  for repairs to ask the seller to make.  Especially if you snagged the home for a great price, and it’s an REO or a Short Sale – already distressed properties are priced the way they are because usually the seller knows there may be issues you’ll have to deal with, on your dime.  DON’T FREAK OUT!  Stay calm.  Get a professional opinion on what it will take to fix the problem – each individual problem.  Switch plates are under $5.  About $250 to get the carpet cleaned in a moderately sized home.  Light bulbs – about $2.98.  Brad new roll up garage doors are about $350.  Losing the opportunity to buy the home of your dreams over a couple of hundred dollars – priceless.

The main ingredient in being successful at NOT buying a money pit, but being realistic about the cost of necessary and optional repairs on your new home, is – information.  Information on the options for repairs from a pro – whether it’s a handyman, a general contractor or a specialist like a plumber, electrician, or mold remediator.

So – my best advice – be aware, be realistic, be informed to be successful!  Let’s go find you a great Orange County home to buy!!  Call me – Leslie – 949-678-3373

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