The Key to a Mission Viejo Real Estate Problem

Old Fashioned Solution for a Mission Viejo Real Estate Problem

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to abandon the advanced technology that surrounds, insulates, and often subjugates one’s ability in favor of a low tech solution to a What's the Key to High Tech Mission Viejo Homes?simple real estate problem; my faith in humanity is restored. The point being that to open the door to a home that is for sale or for lease in Mission Viejo, I must have the key to the door or we have a real estate problem. If not a key, then a combination. But since keys are more commonly necessary to open the door to possibilities for my clients and avoid having a real estate problem, we’ll stick to keys.

Technology allows you, the property shopper, to search over one million web sites providing photos and details of homes that are currently on the market, recently off the market, and in some cases, have never been on the market (ever heard of Zillow’s “make me move” homes?) from your phone, tablet, lap top and your practically extinct PC. What a feeling of power, command, control, and connectivity you feel to the homes you’re seeing. In a picture.

Technology that is accessible only to licensed Realtors, who are also dues paying members of their local Orange County board of real estate, provides us access to much more information than you have. One of these key pieces of information, visible only to Realtors, is where to find the key to the house. Which, as it turns out, is crucial to my being able to open the door to the house for me and my well qualified, stressed out, anxious buyers.

So picture this. You’re actually trying to buy a house. You’re on a short time-table because you, your husband, and your three-year old son are really not that comfortable living with your parents for much longer. So when you find a possibility on one of the 50 web sites you’re getting automatic updates from on a minute to minute basis, as well as the surfing you do on your own just to make sure you don’t miss anything, and you FIND A HOUSE! You quickly text your Realtor with the link to the house you found. And she sees it and screams. Why does she scream? Because the link to the website you sent her doesn’t tell her how to get the keys to show you the house. As a matter of fact, the link you sent her doesn’t even tell her whether the house is on the market, recently off the market, or never on the market. Oh my. What to do?

As quickly as possible, your Realtor has to use her phone, tablet or laptop, (the desktop system is out of the picture at this point) to access the real information on the situation with the house you think you love. So she can tell you if the house is really for sale, already in escrow, or already sold. And if the house is really for sale, she can find out where to find the key to the house.

The heartbreak moment comes when your Realtor is set to meet you at the house you love. Then despite the secret Realtor information that says the lock box, sure to contain the key to the house, is on the front door, there is no lock box. What to do?

Look under the door mat. Voila. I think they’re making an offer.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen, the real deal in Mission Viejo real estate.  Call or text me.  949-678-3373.

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