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No Robert’s Rules of Real Estate in Mission Viejo

Boy, Could We Use Some Rules In Mission Viejo Real Estate Today

You remember Robert and his Rules of Order, don’t you?  He’s responsible for the definitive work on how to handle yourself and others in meetings – providing sample dialogues to get you confidently through motions, nominations, elections, votes, debate, amendments, and more.  Invaluable tips for keeping meetings orderly and on track and a chapter answering the most frequently asked questions. If only we had such a thing in Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, and Rancho Santa Margarita Real Estate today!

If you’re dialed in to what’s going on in the Mission Viejo housing market these days, you know it’s a sellers’ market – not enough homes for all the buyers scrambling to take advantage of cheap money and cheap houses.  So what happens in a real estate market like this when there really are no hard and fast and mutually agreed upon rules to play by?  Shenanigans, that’s what.  Sometimes known as I’ll-make-up-the-rules-by-my-self-igans.  Lots of people adhering to the “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness that permission-igans”

One recent listing showed Active in the CRMLS, with a lock box on the front door,  but in the fine print, the secret notes that only other Realtors can see, the listing said “but absolutely no showings until five days have passed.”  How can it be an Active listing but no one can go see it?  There should be a rule against such a thing.  What if that was your dream house and I had to tell you, gee, I’m sorry.  You’ll just have to wait 120 hours – would that feel fair to you? And why would you leave a lock box on the front door, with a key inside, if you didn’t want any agents to go inside?  Why not wait the five days and then say it’s an Active Listing.  Or say it is in “Hold Do Not Show” status for five days. Where’s the rule for this kind of Shenanigans?  And don’t ask me how I know there was a key inside the lock box.

Or how about the listing that says it’s Active, but you can only drive by the front of the house and if you like it, submit your offer subject to interior inspection.  That’s the same thing as saying “no showings.” How long do you have to wait after you submit your offer to be able to conduct that interior inspection?  How long would you be willing to wait?

Here’s another one for you.  How about the listings that have so many rules you need an attorney to help you sort through them.  “No offers will be accepted for the first five days, then only principals between days 6 and 12.  After day 12, cash investors can make offers only with POF dated within 10 days of the offer.”  So, if you’re the principal buyer, you can make an offer on day five but you have to wait until after day 12 when all the guys with cash are invited to join the Shenanigans.  Where’s the rule for that?

Or the listing with a “Hold Do Not Show” status.  It was on the market for 8 days and they received 7 offers, at least one above list price with 50% down payment.  Why keep it Active on the market to get 10 more offers, right? They put it on hold so they can stop the offers from streaming in while they sort out which one’s the winning offer.  This actually seems fair, but there’s no rule saying you have to do it that way.  So not everyone does.

So Robert, if you’re out there, could you see what you can do to straighten out all the Shenanigans for us here in the Mission Viejo Real Estate market?  I’ve often heard that managing Realtors is like herding cats.  Come on, you can do it!

I’m Leslie Eskildsen.  Just keeping it real in Mission Viejo Real Estate.  Call me.  Text me. Email me.  949-678-3373.

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