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More Helpful Hints Ahead for Mission Viejo Realtors

I’m Not Calling it Realtor for Dummies

As you may recall, I am working on a little How-To Guide for my fellow Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Ladera Ranch Realtors – people already crazy enough to be in this business and those looking at jumping into the Orange County Real Estate Market as an agent.  So if you’re not a Realtor or have never dreamed of becoming one, this is probably not for you.  I’d never call it Realtor for Dummies. You might. But not me. Just wanted to give you a flyby of some new chapters.

Chapter 4Your Car is Now Your Mobile Office.  Always keep water, snacks, toilet paper, a flash light, surgical masks, a measuring tape, and a ladder in your car.  You never know if your clients or their children are prone to crankiness when hungry, if the electricity will be off, if the moldy smell is dangerous, or if you’ll need to peek in the attic.

Chapter 9They Don’t Know How Hard it is to Set Up Six Houses to Show.  Always appear calm and cheery when the time comes to begin the home tour.  Your clients have no idea it took you four hours to call all the owners and juggle their birthday parties, soccer games, carpet cleaning, and pet sitters to actually make an appointment to get your pre-approved buyers in to see their house.

Chapter 10 – Never, Ever Say Anything Bad About the Buyer, Seller, or the Other Agent.  No matter how frustrating, stupid, clueless, selfish, greedy, or stubborn any of the preceding may be, do not ever let your clients hear about it.  It just may be the people on the other end of their transaction and you don’t want to be the cause of the drama.

Chapter 16Diapers.  When it becomes necessary for your clients to change their baby’s diaper during your home tour, never leave the used diaper in the house trash can.  Always take the extra effort to show your client the outdoor trash container to dispose of the soon to be wretchedly stinky diaper.  As a courtesy to the next one of your fellow Realtors who tours the house.  A week after the diaper was deposited.  Think about it.

Chapter 25 – Stifle Your Shock, Disappointment, and Disbelief.  Just like good old Archie Bunker said it best – stifle, Edith.  As in – What!?!?!  We looked at five homes in Placentia yesterday but now you think San Clemente would be better??  What?!?!?  You really don’t need a two car attached garage?  Worksheet included on using words like  “I See.  That’s great.  I’ll go find the best five more great homes for you to choose from.”

Chapter 8 – Guess Who’s Coming to Look at Houses?  Never let it be a guessing game as to who will be coming on your home tour.  Mom?  Dad?  Grandma?  Great Uncle Ernie? Seven cousins under the age of eight?   Ask up front who will be coming, who’s car you should take.  Caravanning is the new normal.  Riding shotgun in their car is pretty common.  Refer to Chapter 4 for things you’ll need to pack up if you have to leave your mobile office and ride in one of their cars.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen, just keeping it real in Mission Viejo Real Estate.  Call me.  Text me.  Fill out this form.  I’ll call you back.  Unless it’s two in the morning.  I’m sleeping.  I’ll call you tomorrow.

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