Mission Viejo Sellers – Motivation Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

My lease is up in 60 days I'm running out of timeAre the Mission Viejo sellers motivated?  This timeless question is a favorite among the myriad questions home buyers ask when considering making an offer on a house offered by Mission Viejo sellers.  Ostensibly, the reason for asking if the Mission Viejo sellers are motivated or for asking how motivated the seller is, is because common sense tells you that the more motivated the Mission Viejo seller is, the more aggressive the buyer can be on price and terms in their offer.  Let’s take a look at three different scenarios and see how Mission Viejo sellers motivation can influence buyers.

Low motivation

When the response to the “How motivated are the sellers?” question is “They’ve got lots of time.  The house they are building in Colorado won’t be completed until next fall and they’d really prefer to only move once.”  This is a classic low motivation response.  The sellers have no urgency in terms of timing.  They apparently don’t need the money out of their current residence to build their future residence.  Your low ball offer with a 30 day escrow and no chance of a rent back won’t go over very well.  You and these sellers are not a match made in Heaven

Medium motivation

The sellers are downsizing.  She’s retiring.  He’s already retired and living in their house in Northern California.  She’s commuting back and forth until the house sells and she’s all through at work.  So they’d rather sell sooner that next fall, so they are somewhat motivated by time.    They don’t have any immediate need for the proceeds of their sale, so there’s not a great deal of motivation on the money.  So I’d call this mediumly motivated – as the timing is better now, but they won’t be looking to dump the price just yet.  Toss in a reasonable offer and see if you can’t come to a mutual agreement.

Highly motivated

When the seller has only 62 days left on their five year time requirement to qualify for the tax free capital gains on the sale of their condo that they have had rented out for the last two years and ten months, now you’re talking motivation.  Time and money are both a factor here.  The seller needs to close escrow quickly to avoid having to pay upwards of 35% in Capital Gains tax on the $100,000 they stand to net on the sale.  Let’s see.  Drop the sales price by $15,000 now or pay Uncle Sam $35,000 two months and two days from now.  Keeping another $20,000 might make someone motivated.  Your low ball offer might have a snow ball’s chance of being accepted.

While each of these situations will have a bearing on the Mission Viejo sellers’ motivation, and the buyers’ ability to negotiate, the outlying variable is how much the seller or their agent are willing to share or the buyer is able to discover.  Buyers should always ask, but may not always get a complete answer.


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