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Mission Viejo Real Estate – Traditions Out of Synch With New Reality

2011 Real Estate Marketing 101 – If You Really Want to Sell Your Home

I ran across a dinosaur in the Orange County Real Estate market last week and it made me think – if this is still going on in 2011, we really need a refresher in Real Estate Marketing – 21st Century style.

Sellers – let’s be crystal clear about this – over 90% of home buyers today begin their home search on line.  That means in no uncertain terms that your home has to be ready to show the minute your home hits the MLS.  And to be in the MLS you have to have model-perfect photos, a virtual tour and a video of your home both inside and out.  Because here’s the deal – as soon as your agent hits the “submit” button on the SoCal MLS listing screen – your home is going to hit not only the SoCal MLS, with about 10,000 active agent/broker members, but the Big Three Real Estate web sites (Realtor.com, Trulia.com, and Zillow.com) as well as over 10,000 local Orange County Realtor custom web sites.  And attached to the SoCal MLS are tens of thousands of buyer searches that may be looking for a home exactly like yours.  In this day and age, it is Real Estate suicide to come out of the shoot flat-lined – that means a listing as dead as a door mat with no photos, no specific details regarding condition, upgrades, amenities, schools, taxes, special conditions and all the other things that are so important for buyers to know up front.  Got the picture?

And while were’re talking marketing, the reason you market your home is to generate interest, which results in a showing request, which gives the buyer a chance to see your home in person to decide if they like it enough to make an offer.  Don’t put your home on the market and make buyers wait even one day to be able to see it.  Buyers today are used to fast food and microwaves, instant movie downloads and reality TV.  They will be angry if you taunt them with your listing, then make them wait for some ancient Real Estate custom called “Broker’s Open House” before they can see it.  This is a top secret Open House tour for Brokers and Agents.  Hello – last I heard, Brokers don’t buy houses – buyers do!  But here’s an inside tip for you – if you ever see Open House signs in your Orange County neighborhood on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday between 11 – 2 it’s probably a Broker’s Open House and you’re likely to get a free lunch and get to look at your neighbor’s house – sounds like a good deal to me.  Just not a good way to sell houses in 2011.

I’m Leslie.  Just keeping it real in Orange County Real Estate.  949-678-3373.

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