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Mission Viejo Real Estate Deals Done During the Holidays


The Holidays have officially started in  Mission Viejo.  We’ve had our first rain storm, first bout of chilly weather, the days are getting shorter, and the Halloween decorations are going up all over town.  That means it’s time to review how you get your real estate deals done during the Holidays.  Yes, as surprising as it may sound, many homes will be bought and sold this Holiday season in Mission Viejo.  Meaning many, but somewhat fewer than normal,  Mission Viejo real estate deals done during the Holidays.

Let’s be honest.  The reason the Holidays tend to bring people to a grinding halt buying or selling a home is because people already don’t have enough time to deal with the extra effort it takes to buy or sell a home, let alone add on all the Holiday Hoopla and associated pressure.  You must retain some of the focus you had once harvested and redirected from your already terribly busy life to pay attention to your real estate deal.  To save you from the diversions of  Holiday decorations, parties, costumes, and family traditions, in order to get your real estate deals done during the Holidays,  I offer you these two simple pledges.

The Holiday Pledge for Home Sellers

  • I will restrict the decorations to one room in the house and one room only.
  • I will restrict the outdoor decorations to a small area, nowhere near the front door.
  • I will use only a small portion of my Holiday decorations.  I realize I am moving soon and choose to leave the majority of my unique and treasured decorations safely packed away.
  • I will only put out candy that is a neutral color, does not have a wrapper, and is not sticky.
  • I will remove all of the Holiday decorations the day after the Holiday.  Key dates for decoration removal this year are Halloween  November 1, Thanksgiving November  29, Hanukkah December 6, Festivus, December 24, Christmas December 26, New Year’s Eve January 1, and Kwanza January 2.

The Holiday Pledge for Home Buyers

  • I will focus on the home I’m touring and evaluating if my furniture will work with their floor plan and avoid being distracted wondering where they got all their Holiday decorations because I want the same ones.
  • I will wear shoes that are easy to take on and off OR I will wear clothing that will allow me to bend over gracefully to put on the blue booties without exposing my own bootie.
  • I will carefully tend to my children to inhibit their urge to inhale the Holiday candy and thereby avoid any chocolate surprises on the freshly vacuumed living room carpet.

If you embrace and practice even a portion of these proposals, you’ll significantly increase your chances for getting your real estate deals done during the Holidays.  And you’ll have much more to celebrate.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen.  Just keeping it real in Mission Viejo real estate.


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