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Mission Viejo Home Sellers – Watch What You’re Advertising

While your Mission Viejo house is on the market, remove all the flashing billboards announcing to buyers that you have more money than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined.  Because those billboards tell buyers that for you, money is no object and you may actually accept a low ball offer just to wash your hands of your house so you can move on to the next mansion. What’s that?  You don’t have any flashing billboards in your home?  That’s what you think.  See if any of these ring a bell:

See if you have anything at all in your Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, or Ladera Ranch home that screams “I’m rich” – you might think about packing it or moving it to your summer home for the winter you’re on the market.  Even in Newport Beach, Shady Canyon, and Nellie Gail, there are some things you may want to keep to yourself.  Don’t give buyers any more ammo than they already have to come at you with an offer you may have to laugh at to keep from crying.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen, just keeping it real in Mission Viejo Real Estate.  And Coto de Caza, Shady Canyon, Ladera Ranch, Nellie Gail, and Dove Canyon.

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