Mission Viejo Home Sellers Set the Trap for Qualified Buyers

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Mission Viejo Home Sellers Set the Trap for Qualified Buyers

The Real Deal Behind Mission Viejo Open Houses

As we plow full steam ahead into Open House season at school, it is time to take a look at Mission Viejo Open Houses in the Real Estate arena.  Oh sure, just like at school, when a Mission Viejo home seller gets ready for an Open House, he’s putting his best foot forward.  Everything is sparkling clean, tidy, staged to show off all the house has to offer.  All the best crystal, the good china and the guest towels come out of the closets and cabinets.  But rather than staging a scene for all the parents to ohhhhh and awwwww for their kids, the seller in this case is just praying that someone will stumble upon his house in some random  fashion that will produce an offer and he’s off to escrow and a quick, closed sale.  With a small investment in sweat equity by vacuuming, cleaning, and turning on all the lights, the seller hopes the trap is set.

Enter the Open House Junkies.  The Mission Viejo couple who look forward all week to Saturday afternoon when they drive around and looking for homes they can tour.  For free.  Without any regard to their ability to purchase or their intent to purchase.  It’s a hobby for them.  Seriously.  I have met the same people multiple times at Open Houses.  Same non-buyers at different  Mission Viejo Open Houses.  Folks with a perfectly fine home of their own, out to see how the other half lives. Looking for decorating ideas.  Or remodeling plans.

Or there’s the Wishful Thinker.  The prospective Mission Viejo home buyers who just got a promotion, or just got a new job, or just finished school and are out looking for easy access to available homes.  No strings attached.  No pre-approval required.  To help form the picture of their dream home.  That they may be able to think about buying a couple of years from now.  Heck.  The American Dream of Home Ownership has to start with some kind of seed, right?

And don’t forget about the Real Estate Agent.  An Open House in Orange County Real Estate is in essence a Retail Store for a Realtor.  A chance to meet the Wishful Thinker and build a lasting relationship that may one day turn into a sale.  Finding a buyer for that specific house pretty much at the bottom of the priority list for the agent holding the Open House.  Her primary objective is to meet serious, qualified buyers who don’t already have a Realtor.

So there you have it.  Not really that complicated.  Sort of symbiotic they way all the pieces work together.  The seller feels like they are taking action that will produce results, they provide free activities for local residents, and agents get a chance to meet new clients.  There is peace in the Mission Viejo Real Estate universe – at least for one afternoon.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen.  Just keeping it real in Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch, Dove Canyon, and Robinson Ranch Real Estate.

Call me – 949-678-3373.  Text me.  Email me.  Or fill out this form.  I’ll get back to you – unless it’s 12:30 AM  – I’m asleep.  I’ll call you tomorrow.

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