Mission Viejo Home Sale Deals Come With Surprises!

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Mission Viejo Home Sale Deals Come With Surprises!

In Mission Viejo Home Sale Deals Surprises are Common!

Mission Viejo Home Sale Deals Offer Many Chances for the Unexpected

Surprises often occur in Mission Viejo home sale deals.  Transferring the ownership of real property from one party to another is fairly complicated, and sometimes unexpected things happen.  In most Mission Viejo home sale deals, there can be as many as 29 individuals playing some vital role in completing the transfer of ownership of the property – lots of opportunity for surprises to crop up.  Some surprises are comical, some are tragic, and some just plain aggravating.

Here are 7 surprises I’ve run into in Mission Viejo home sale deals as an active Orange County Realtor.   

7. The electricity was turned off and that means the pool filter ceased to run.  The escrow close date was extended by more than a week because of a different surprise.  Now the water in the pool is dark green and you can no longer see the bottom.  Thank goodness no one invited Vector Control to come and drop in some mosquito fish.

6. The stubby cables extending from the walls where the former owners surround sound speakers were removed and taken to their new house are not quite long enough for you to attach your new surround sound speakers.

5. Water comes gushing out of the overflow valve and from under the sink the first time you run the brand new dishwasher.  After you stop the flow of water into the kitchen, your investigation into the cause for the overflow is that installation of the brand new garbage disposal (which was replaced during escrow as agreed to in the Request for Repairs) required one last step before it could allow the water to flow from the dishwasher and into the drain.

4. The three flat screen TVs the former owner removed from the family room, bonus room and master bedroom left gaping holes in the dry wall.  And you don’t even have a flat screen TV.

3. The day you move into your newly purchased home, you realize the powder room mirror is missing from the powder room.  Seems it was the previous owners’ personal property and not affixed to the wall, rather hung like a painting.  And is now hanging in the powder room of their new house.

2. You turn on the upstairs air conditioner the first day of an oppressive heat wave – the first time you’ve needed the AC it since you purchased the home two months before.  Nothing happens.  You contact the home warranty company to have someone come service the unit.  The air conditioning repair man chuckles a little bit when telling you that the AC unit was never hooked up, even though the house is 1 ½ years old.  The home builder missed it.  The former owners missed it.  And your home inspector missed it.  Surprise!

1. Your Realtor calls to congratulate you!  Your transfer of property has been confirmed and your house keys are on top of the porch lamp for you to pick up at your convenience.  And she lets you know there’s a little gift for you in the kitchen cabinet.  Only the little gift isn’t in the kitchen cabinet anymore.  However, you’re delighted that the house is sparkling clean, including the inside of the cabinets.  Apparently, the cleaning crew was surprised to find such a generous gift waiting for them in the kitchen cabinet.

Experienced any surprises in your Mission Viejo home sale deals?  I’d love to hear them!

I’m Leslie Eskildsen, your Mission Viejo Realtor

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