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Mission Viejo Home Costs – Death and Property Taxes

Ever Wonder What All Those Charges On Your Mission Viejo Tax Bill Are?

Well, the deadline for the second installment of Orange County Property Taxes is fast approaching – April 11 is the drop dead date to have your second installment paid.  The envelope has to be postmarked by April 11.  And while we’re on the topic of property taxes, I’d like to point out a couple of things you might not be aware of.  Or things that might make you say “Hmmmmm.”

Let’s start with the small ticket tax items

1.       The assessed value of your homes is a combination of the value of the land and the value of the improvements (that’d be the dwelling.  Your castle.  Your piece of the American Dream.)  Some taxes, like the Basic Levy – that 1% we’ve been capped at since the passage of Proposition 13, are calculated on the total assessed value.  Some others are calculated on the land value only.  Just so you know.

2.       All homeowners in Orange County pay to eradicate, or at least stem the threat of invasion from, Mosquitoes and Fire Ants.  Says so right there on your tax bill.

3.       And there’s another charge for killer bees and other airborne vermin – Vector Control covers you there.

4.       We all also pay a Metropolitan Water District Standby Charge.  This maintains our reservoirs across seven counties and as I understand it, it is there in case your local water district runs out of water and you need to borrow from another district.  The water is standing by for you, get it?

Now on to the bigger ticket tax items

5.       Mello Roos and Special Assessment.  These are essentially bonds set up by developers in mostly newer Orange County communities to pay for the infrastructure surround the communities.  There are myriad Mello Roos assessments that are all structured differently and independently of each other.   And here’s a ying and a yang story for you – from a combined Mello Roos Q2 and T8 annual payment of $9,499.98 on a Ladera Ranch home in Covenant Hills, to a $.98 (yes, that ninety-eight cents) annual Lighting and Landscape assessment on a condo in West Irvine.  Ying and yang enough for you?

6.       Mello Roos assessments have a maturity date.  But some also have additional options for more bonds that can extend the maturation date.  See item 7 for how you can get more info on your maturity dates.

7.       What you might not realize is that there’s a phone number next to every special assessment on your tax bill and if you call it – a real person actually usually answers the phone.  And also answers all of your questions.  Heck, they even answer my questions on your property.  Things like maturation dates, additional bond options, annual increase caps, and maximum annual assessments.  Some Mello Roos payments have even decreased year over year.  Big buyer tip here – you can call the number on a the tax bill for a property you may be considering buying – and they’ll answer your questions.  Seriously.

8.       You did know that all property tax bills are available on-line, and in exact detail, right?  You can even see an image of your actual property tax bill.  No, your name isn’t on there.  That’s protected by CA Govt Code Sect 6254.21.  The web site is http://tax.ocgov.com/tcweb/search_page.asp – that puts you right on the search page.  Good to have handy if you like to research what your property taxes will actually add up to.

Just a couple of things to think about as tax season rolls around.

I’m Leslie.  Just keeping it real in Orange County Real Estate.  949-678-3373.  I’ll get you answers to all your questions.

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