Mission Viejo Home Buying and Selling? I’ts a Process, People

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Mission Viejo Home Buying and Selling? I’ts a Process, People

Really. It is. There’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. For both Mission Viejo home buyers and home sellers. Same process, just slightly different steps and you sometimes change who leads. And you can’t skip ahead or do them out of order.

Step 1 – Do the Math

If you’re buying a home in Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch or any of the great Orange County neighborhoods, this requires that you work with a lender to get a pre-approval for a loan so you know how much you are qualified to spend on a home. The “we’ve worked on the numbers on the back of a cocktail napkin” math doesn’t get you anywhere in today’s market. I laugh at your napkin. For home sellers, this means working with you Realtor to gauge the market value of your home and then net out your profit by subtracting all the selling costs. Notice the operative word in both of these scenarios – you have to work with a Real Estate professional to get in the game.

Step 2 – Jump into the Market

For buyers, this means deciding what you really want and eliminating the things you don’t want. What location, size, amenities, condition, and all that other fun stuff. Shopping on line helps get down to what you really want to focus on, then go out with your Realtor and look at the ones you actually stand a chance of falling in love with. For sellers – you have to clean out, shine up, and stage your home for all the qualified buyers who’ll be knocking down your door. And you’re not ready to jump in if your home isn’t ready to have every single nook and cranny photographed and plastered all over the internet.

Step 3 – Ride the Roller Coaster

Both buyers and sellers get to ride the dramatic ups and downs, twists and turns of the process like bidding wars, changes in lending parameters, and unexpected information. Best to stick to the facts to minimize the drama. And fasten your seat belts.

Step 4 – Pack and Un-Pack

Congratulations! Your transaction is complete. Now comes the detestable job of going through all of your stuff and packing it up to move, then unpacking it. Big hint here – start early. OK – I know I said you can’t skip a step. Call me a liar. You can start packing anytime. Go through your stuff and put it in four categories: Keep and move, sell, donate, or throw it in the trash. The more ruthless you are about selling, donating, or trashing – the less you’ll have to pack and move. Just a thought. Whatever you keep – I hope it looks great in your new home!

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