Mission Viejo Home Buyers – Are You Ready or Getting Ready to Buy?

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Mission Viejo Home Buyers – Are You Ready or Getting Ready to Buy?

Mission Viejo Home Buyers Come in Two Flavors – Getting Ready and Being Ready

You wouldn’t go to your office without your clothes on, right?  Or try to drive to the office without gas in the car.  So why are Mission Viejo home buyers looking at homes without either a Pre-Approval letter from a lender, dated within the last 30 days, OR a brief case full of cash?  Just like you wouldn’t show up at work stark naked, but rearing to go, you really can’t go look at homes if you don’t even know what you’re qualified to spend.

Now let’s be clear on semantics here.  Shopping for homes and actually looking at homes are two different things.  At least to me.  I’d be the Realtor, here.  You can shop all you want.  You may even be stark naked while you do it.  Because you can do this all on the internet.  Surf the web.  Read the compelling  descriptions of the hard wood floors, granite counters and stainless steel appliances.  Then look at the photos.  Take the virtual tour.  Again. And again.  And again.  Check out the aerial photo.  See if it backs to a busy street.  That’s all still “shopping” in my version of Orange County Real Estate Reality.  All from the privacy of your own computer, iPad, iPhone or Driod.

Looking at homes?  That’s the next big step.  That’s when you actually eat a good breakfast, get dressed, and get in your Realtor’s car to drive around and actually look at the homes you’ve picked out whilst shopping.  You actually go though the home -inside and out.  In person.  With your Pre-Approval from a lender dated within the last 30 days in your folder which you carry with you 24/7.  Just in case you look at a home you actually decide you want to buy.

We all know this is a HUGE decision to move from a shopper to a looker.  From Getting Ready to buy to Being Ready to buy.  Financially and emotionally huge.  And getting Pre-Approved requires something of a commitment.  You have to give someone permission to run your credit.  You have to pull together your financial info – tax returns, pay stubs, and bank statements.  And show it to your lender.

So just decide which flavor of buyer you are, or what flavor you need to be to reach your goals.  If you’re Getting Ready, you may want to stick to the internet, Open Houses, and Model Homes to help nudge you forward.  To give you the confidence to take the next step.  If you Are Ready, go looking with confidence, make offers that make sense, and march with dignity (and all of your clothes on) to the day that your offer gets accepted!

I’m Leslie, just keeping it Real in Mission Viejo Real Estate.  Like me on facebook to stay in touch – http://www.facebook.com/whatagentsfeartellingyou   949-678-3373

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