Mission Viejo Home Buyers and Sellers Can Be Generous

The holiday season is quickly rushing to the spectacular crescendo which is New Year’s Eve.  There are still a couple of weeks to go until more the more normal days that January will bring.  So as we navigate the remainder of the year, Mission Viejo home buyers and sellers can choose to be generous in all relationships, especially in their real estate transactions.  Here are just a few ways Mission Viejo home buyers and sellers can be generous as the year draws to a close.

Be generous with your time.  Let buyers come see your house no matter what time of day they want to come over and how long they want to stay.  When thMission Viejo home buyersey request to have an additional pest inspection, HVAC inspection, foundation inspection, roof inspection, chimney inspection, and the ever so time-consuming mold inspection, be generous.  What goes around, they say, comes around.

Be generous with your information. Yes, as a home seller in California, there are about 84 pages of mandatory disclosures you are required to complete.  These include all the sordid details of every water leak, recent coat of paint, new appliance, and whether or not your dog or cat has ever had an accident inside the house.  These forms allow about three lines for you to fill in the details to give your buyers the full story regarding the detailed history of your house. If the story of you house exceeds the three lines provided, don’t hesitate to pull out an extra sheet of paper to continue your tale.  This will support your generosity with information initiative beautifully.

Be generous with your time again.  So when the buyers come back with some very detailed follow-up questions such as “how many cats have you had over the years and when was the last time the carpet was cleaned?” or “when was the last time you heard rats running in your attic?” or “have you seen any more movement in the cracks in the bricks around the fireplace since you’ve lived here?” or “when did you repair the water leak under the kitchen sink?”

Be generous with your forgiveness.  Real estate contracts come with due dates.  During the holiday season especially, choose to be forgiving if everything doesn’t happen exactly on time.  Give your buyers a few more days past their contract date to remove their contingencies.  This will give both of you the time you need to read the home inspection report, the pest inspection report, the heating and air conditioning report, the foundation report, the chimney inspection report and the lab results from the samples collected to determine what kind of mold is growing under your kitchen sink.  Then Mission Viejo home buyers and sellers can determine how generous to be with the Request for Repairs.  Happy Holidays.

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