Make Sure the Pictures of Your House Give Mission Viejo Home Buyers the Right Impression

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Make Sure the Pictures of Your House Give Mission Viejo Home Buyers the Right Impression

Make Sure the Pictures of Your House Give Mission Viejo Buyers the Right Impression

The pictures of your house, that go along with the legal description and the creative description provided by your Realtor using standard Realtor key words like boasts, soaring, spacious, gourmet and open floor plan, are THE most crucial factor in drawing buyers in to see your house.  You can’t convert your house from a three bedroom into a four bedroom, so anyone dead set on a four bedroom home will bypass yours from the start.  But for those buyers looking for a three bedroom home, make sure pictures of your house show off your house in the best possible light.  This is House Marketing 101.  And the per-requisite for taking the marketing pictures of your house is the cleaning, de-cluttering, and staging of your house to be attractive to buyers.  Great!  We’re all on the same page.

Then why have the following photos turned up in recent on-line home searches I’ve made?  Unfortunately, we can’t reprint all the photos in this small space, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

  • How many containers of personal hygiene, hair maintenance, and appearance enhancement substances have you managed to fit on your bathroom counter top?  If all that is on the top of the counter, what have you been able to fit into the drawers and cabinets?
  • What exactly did you have for dinner last night?  Is that spaghetti sauce in that pan in the sink?  How many people came over for dinner, or are those plates just from your family?  If all those dishes are in the sink, is that because the dish washer is broken?  Or they won’t all fit in the cabinets at the same time?
  • Is that an animal or a large stain on the carpet?
  • Wait a minute – I recognize that TV show you’re watching.  That’s Ellen, right?  Or is that the final Jeopardy answer?  Let me see if I can blow this picture up to find out if I’m right.
  • Is that an extra row of vanity lights in the bathroom?  No.  Wait.  That’s your photographer’s flash in the mirror casting an angelic glow around your Realtor and making the bathroom a blur.
  • Is that an Explorer in your driveway?  What year is it?  Do you have to park in the driveway because it won’t fit in the garage?  Maybe you can’t open the garage door with the car parked there.
  • Hmm.  Fourteen pictures of the outside of your house.  None of the inside.  Not even one photo of the kitchen, a bedroom or even one bathroom.  What are you hiding?
  • Is that a real tree?  How tall is that tree? Where did you get that tree? Are those stocking nailed to the mantel?  Won’t they catch on fire?
  • Wow.  One photo of the front yard with the house way in the background and kind of blurry.  What in the world?  Oh, got it.  Just read the fine print.  It’s a tear down.  Never mind.  No one need to see the pictures of your house if you’re suggesting they need to tear it down.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen.  Just keeping it real in Mission Viejo real estate.

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