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Make it Easy to Sell Your Mission Viejo House

Make it Easy to Sell Your Mission Viejo House

What if you could make it easy to sell your Mission Viejo house?  Just as as it is to buy and sell office supplies.  There are a few things that sellers can do to make it easy to sell your Mission Viejo house.  Couldn’t we all use a little bit more ease in our lives?  Here are a handful of helpful hints to make it easy to sell your Mission Viejo house.









  1. Make it easy to show your house.  Do let your Realtor install a lock box on your house, allowing other Realtors to bring their clients to see your house during a reasonable portion of the day.  Do keep your home ready to show in a moment’s notice.  Do expect Realtor’s to call at all times of the day and part of the evening.  That makes it easy to show your house to qualified buyers.  Don’t insist on 24 hours notice before you’ll allow your home to be shown.  Unless your home is listed for $3M or more or you have poisonous snakes loose on the premises, don’t make your home available by appointment only with your agent present at all showings.  Unless it’s pouring down rain, don’t require prospective buyers to put on those horrible blue booties.  These constraints don’t make it easy to show your house.
  1. Make it easy to accept your counter offer.  Find out as much as you can up front about what the enemy wants and give them as much as you can, that way maybe you’ll get more of what you want.  Things to find out about the enemy include;  their ideal amount of time and best date to close escrow, their ideal amount for an initial deposit, their ideal length of time to remove contingencies, and their ideal amount of time they’ll give you after closing to pack up and move out.  And the ideal pieces of furniture they are dying to have.  It’s never going to be easy to get someone to pay over market value or persuade you to accept a low ball offer, so make the purchase price the only thing you haggle over.
  2. Make it easy to agree on repairs you’re willing to make.  You know the buyers are going to ask you for a few things once they get the Home Inspection Report.  Be specific.  Regardless of what they ask for, make sure you clarify IN WRITING what you are willing to do.  Use words like “seller to repair the broken ______” or “seller to replace the broken _______” or “seller to return the broken ______ to working condition”  or “seller declines to repair or replace the broken ____________.”   Don’t ever forget that the Executive Summary of their Home Inspection Report is not a punch list the buyers can just  hand in to the you and expect you to”take care of it” for them.
  3. Make it easy to work with you.  Be as available as possible.  If you’re not readily available, let people know when you will be available.  Return calls and texts and emails promptly.  Answer in complete sentences.  Fill out and return paperwork to the person who needs it returned to them.  Some paperwork cannot be sent electronically, so open your mailbox.  Yes, the one the mail carrier stuffs the grocery store fliers and real estate advertisements into.   There may be paperwork in there that needs to be filled out and returned promptly.

A pretty intuitive list.  Not unreasonable.  Just simple things you can do to make it easy to sell your Mission Viejo house.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen, your Mission Viejo Realtor.



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