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Make it Easy for Buyers to See Your House

Mission Viejo SellersMake it Easy for Buyers to See Your House

You put your house on the market to get it sold, so make it easy for buyers to see your house.  There really is very little that is more important to your success in the Mission Viejo real estate market under any market conditions – be it a seller’s market or a buyer’s market.  Here are a couple of simple pointers on how to make it easy for buyers to see your house.  The do’s and don’ts for home sellers.Make it easy for buyers to see your house

    • Do keep your house ready to show with very little notice.  Adopt the mantra “my house is show ready 24 -7” is your safest bet.
    • Do let you’re Realtor install a lock box on your house.  This is a secure way to make sure other agents can get in with their buyers even if you and your realtor are busy doing something else.  A lock box records the day, date, time and specific contact information for each and every Realtor who shows your house.  A lock box record it very important to your Realtor as well, so even if you are home when an agent comes by, have them use the lock box to get the key – and leave a permanent record of their information.
    • Do discuss with your Realtor the access times for the lock box.  Today’s boxes are super intelligent.  Work with your agent to set up reasonable access times – like 9 AM to 7 PM.  Outside of those times, agents will be prohibited from getting the key.
    • Do put away all of your valuables – jewelry, electronics, prescription medication, collectables, fire arms, and animals.  Put them out of sight and make the inaccessible for your protection.

  • Don’t ever say “no” when an agent calls to schedule a showing.  Never ever.  Even if it’s your daughter’s birthday, your son’s Bar Mitzvah, or your book club meeting.  While your house is for sale, have those celebrations somewhere else. You don’t want to take the chance you just turned away the perfect buyer for your house. And if they call with short notice and you had a lapse in the “my house is ready to show 24-7” schedule, just explain that it is a little messy.  Part of a Realtor’s job is to help buyers see past your stuff.  We’d much rather be able to show a messy house than to be told it can’t be shown.
  • Don’t be home when agents bring their buyers to see your house.  Take a walk, go to the grocery store, or go sit in your car.
  • Don’t require your agent to be there when another agent is bringing a buyer to see your house.  Only if you have a secret entrance to your 10,000 bottle wine cellar, a 9th bathroom that is difficult to find, or a home so large you need a docent to guide you do you need your agent to be there to show your house.

Make it as easy for buyers to see your house and you’ll greatly improve your chances of selling for the highest amount possible in the least amount of time possible.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen – just keeping it real in Mission Viejo real estate.  949-678-3373

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