Important Tips for Outdoor Home Staging in Mission Viejo

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Important Tips for Outdoor Home Staging in Mission Viejo

Outdoor Home Staging in Mission Viejo – Tips for Balcony, Backyard, and Front Porch

When you are staging your Mission Viejo house to sell, don’t forget the backyard, front porch, and balcony. There are a couple of simple and relatively inexpensive things you can do to bait the buyer trap by dressing up your outdoor areas. Yes, it might mean a trip to Costco, Ikea, Hobby Lobby, or Home Goods. You will be spending a little bit of money – but the results will be worth it.  Here’s what to do:

For Your Balcony – If your balcony is large enough, consider setting out a café table with two chairs. Put a simple, heavy, (you don’t want the wind to blow it into your door when you’re not there to catch it) white teapot and two white mugs on the table. Place a tea bag with a green label in the teapot and make sure the tag is dangling toward the door to the balcony.

Place a green pillow, matching the color of the tea bag label, in each of the chairs with the requisite V-shaped chopped into them.  Now, when buyers open the door the balcony, even if they don’t step out, they register in the emotional part of their brain that they could be comfortably drinking green tea on their very own balcony.  If you have a view, set out a pair of binoculars on the table to the left of the teapot with the lenses facing down. This vignette will convey to buyers that they’ll have lots of free time to sip green tea, bird watch, and take in the surrounding scenery.

For Your Front Porch – If you have a front porch, now’s the time to jump up and down with glee and pat yourself on the back. This is because you can make a significant impression on buyers as they jump out of their Realtor’s Mercedes and approach your front door. I’d go Adirondacks with footstools.

Put two chairs side-by-side, set at an angle pointing toward the front door, with a small end table between them. Then, place two yellow plastic (glass can get messy and dangerous) tumblers on the end table and lay a small bouquet of white and yellow wild flowers tied with a yellow ribbon on one of the chairs. The buyers will think you just left after someone was given flowers and you both enjoyed a tall glass of lemonade. Can you say “Ahhhhh?” And yes, it’s not really glass – this is staging after all.

For Your Back Yard – Set out two full-length lounge chairs – either teak steamer deck chairs or rattan loungers. But, certainly not woven metal-framed chairs.  Point the chairs toward your swimming pool, potted plant, grassy knoll, or flower bed. Place solid colored, full length cushions on each of the chairs. Find a paperback book in a complimentary color and place it, opened end down, on the lower part of the lounge chair with a pair of sunglasses resting on top. Place a complimentary colored, folded beach towel at the foot of the other chair. Viola! Summer in Orange County personified!

You may want to guard against wind and foul play by gluing down the teapot, mugs, binoculars, pillows, lemonade glasses, flowers, books, and sunglasses. This is what they do in model homes to prevent issues from arising.  You can do the same when you are staging your house to sell.





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