If Your Mission Viejo House Has Got It, Flaunt It

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

This is a public service announcement to all home sellers in Orange County.  Your Realtor has 72 (seventy-two) choices to pick from to describe the interior features of your home when it she is marketing it in the California Regional Multiple Listing Service.  Please do yourself the biggest marketing favor possible by making sure, absolutely sure, that all the wonderful features of your house are flaunted shamelessly in the MLS listing when you decide to list your house for sale.

Often overlooked are features such as your trash chute, recreation room, art studio, and dance studio.  Whether or not you can market your house as having a trash chute if such feature is dependent on your son, the Varsity basketball team starting forward, shooting the trash bag from your kitchen window into the garbage can is stretching it a bit.  However, if you actually have a chute from an upper story to the ground story where you can place a trash can, chute away.

Then there’s your oven.  Or do you have two ovens?  Is your oven a convection oven?  Is your oven self-cleaning?  All of these could be quite significant features that prospective buyers are searching for.  So if you have it and don’t flaunt it, you’re house will be passed over by picky buyers vetting your house on line to decide if you’ve got enough of the features they’re looking for to warrant a trip to see your house in person.  Please understand – 97% (plus or minus a few points depending on the source of your data) begin their home search on line.  If you have dual self-cleaning convection ovens and that is left out of the details in the CRMLS – it is as if your ovens don’t exist.

Does your Ikea wine rack in the back of your hall closet qualify as a “wine cellar”?  Does the area in front of your master bathroom sink qualify as a “dressing area”?  Does the peg board with the exact outline of each and every tool you own qualify as a “workshop”?  Does the fact that you have a flat screen TV mounted on the wall of your family room and surround sound speakers dangling from your family room ceiling constitute a “projection room”?  it’s marketing!

And please appropriately describe the bar area you have to offer.  The choices in the CRMLS are “bar”, “dry bar”, and “wet bar” – in alphabetical order – which means these choices are scattered along the 72 interior feature array and not all glommed together in the “bar” category. And if you have one, pick it and flaunt it.

And please make sure your Realtor highlights your crown molding, granite counters, wainscoting, and   remodeled kitchen.  “Kitchen open to family room” is a crucial feature to flaunt if you have it. Even if you can stretch the definition ever so slightly.

You’re sure to reel in more buyers if you flaunt what you’ve got!

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