How To WIN as a Home Buyer in Mission Viejo, CA

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How To WIN as a Home Buyer in Mission Viejo, CA

Want to be a successful home buyer in today’s Mission Viejo Real Estate market?

Here’s all you have to do:

Get Your Money Straight

How much do you have in cash and how much can you qualify to borrow? Know it cold.  End of story.  Cash you’ll need for your upfront deposit – commonly referred to as your Earnest Money Deposit – this will be in the form of a personal check that will be cashed by Escrow when you have an accepted offer (which is your first big step toward home ownership – getting an accepted offer!)  Then you’ll need the funds on top of what you are borrowing to make up the amount you agreed to pay for the home.  And then closing costs – like escrow fees, appraisal, home inspection, prorated taxes (if any,) title insurance required by your lender,  This will most likely be a wire transfer – never a personal check.   And oh, yeah, if you can’t make it in to Escrow to sign your loan docs – make sure you know how much they’re charging you for that Mobile Notary.  And have the documentation to prove you have the money on hand at the time you make the offer.  Updated every month.  (Yes, it may take more than a month to find a home.)  And how important it is to wire in your funds to close.

Take the Time

We all only get 24 hours every day we’re alive.  Do you have the time in your busy day to do what it is going to take to be successful in today’s Mission Viejo real estate market?  Make no mistake – this is hard work!  Up at dawn, down at midnight kind of crazy work – are you willing to put in the EXTRA hours it is going to take to get the home you really want??  Because these are EXTRA hours.  Above and beyond jobs, kids, schools, golf, movie night, poker tournaments, and The Office (my daughter’s TV addiction.)

Mental Toughness!

Are you up for the most PSYCH game of your life?  Can you avoid the DRAMA and stay laser beam focused on what outcome you want in your pursuit of buying a home?  Can you?  Can you?  Don’t go all “they’re cheating  me” on a seller just because they reject your offer or decline to replace a light bulb.  Or in the case of an REO or a Short Sale – they take more time than you’d like to respond to your offer.  Keep your eyes on reality and you’ll be successful!  Stay focused on the deal points and don’t make up movies about what you imagine the sellers are trying to do.  Quit it.  Now.

How’s your Team?

Team Work

This is critical to being a successful buyer in today’s Real Estate market.  Did you know that you have a HUGE team dedicated to your success.  Beginning with me, your Realtor, and adding your lender, home inspector, termite inspector, escrow officer, title rep, handy man – just to name a few of the more than 30 people involved in your Escrow.  And just from me to you – some Success Advice –

  • Always be honest, upfront, truthful, and sincere.  In the words of Jerry McGuire – “Help me Help you.”
  • And call me back.  It could be the difference in getting the home of your dreams.  Or not.  Call me back.

Ready, Set, Go!

That’s it!  Now go out and find a great home to buy in one of the many fabulous Mission Viejo communities and make it happen!!! You deserve it!  Call me and let’s go shopping!

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