How to Screw Up Your Deal in Mission Viejo Real Estate

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How to Screw Up Your Deal in Mission Viejo Real Estate

Ever Wondered How to Screw Up Your Deal in Mission Viejo Real Estate?

How to Screw Up Your Deal in Mission Viejo real estateYou might be surprised to hear how to screw up your deal when you try to buy or sell a house in Orange County CA today. As a Mission Viejo Realtor, I no longer am surprised when buyers or sellers come up with yet another way to screw up your deal in Mission Viejo real estate.   People decide to sell their house.  Other people decide to buy a house. I’m just here to get you guys together so you can get on with your lives. Please quit getting in your own way by creating the text book for how to screw up your deal in Mission Viejo real estate.

Oh, was that too harsh?  You may reconsider when you get the inside scoop on these deals in the making… or breaking.

1.      We don’t have time to look at your offer.  When you sign a contract to sell your house, you are immediately and effectively putting you and your entire family on DEFCON 4.  This translates in civilian language to an extremely heightened degree of focus on this little extra project you’ve just signed up for.  So when a buyer submits an offer, and generously grants you the default three days to respond, most sellers choose to respond before the third day.  Except when they both work for the same company which is holding a huge event that requires so much time from the sellers that making a response to the buyers offer within three days is not possible.  If the buyers really like the house, and haven’t found anything better, they might hang in there.  Sellers, however, need to be aware that once the expiration period has passed and they’ve not responded, that offer is dead.  Gone.  Hasta la vista, baby.

2.      No, I can’t show the house today.  I’m working on a project at the house right now.  You can come see it tomorrow, though.  Really?  The very well qualified, motivated buyers I am representing have to go to work tomorrow, so that they can continue to remain gainfully employed so as to acquire the funds necessary to qualify for, and then service the debt on the loan they are pre-approved for that will enable them to buy your house.  And you’re working on a project so massive that people can’t walk around it or look past it?  Seriously?  If that project is a scale model of one of the California Missions, don’t use sugar cubes this year.  The ants will be on it in minutes.  And please refer to the instructions for how to quickly get your house ready to show.

3.      You want what?  3.1 We’ll agree to sell the house for the price the buyers are offering, but we need to be able to stay in the house for five weeks after they buy our house so we have time to buy another house for ourselves.   3.2 We’ll agree to the deal but we need to move five rooms of furniture into the sellers’ garage before we close escrow.  3.3 They’ll need to throw in all the patio furniture and that cool bookcase.  3.4 We will need to do that septic inspection, after all.  Yikes.

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