How Does Your Home Appeal to Buyers’ Senses?

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How Does Your Home Appeal to Buyers’ Senses?

See Hear Small Taste and Touch – How Does Your Orange County Home Measure Up?

While it may be blindingly obvious, let’s be perfectly clear that to be successful at selling your Orange County home in today’s real estate market, your house has to be in tip top shape in every sense.  Here are a some ideas to give you an edge over the competition – and keep you from being at the bottom of the heap.

What buyers See

Your grass must be green, the walks must be swept and clean, the plants must be lush and colorful – nothing dead at all.  The front door needs to be sparkling clean – paint it if you have to.  Shine the brass and make the windows sparkle.  Clear the counters of clutter.  Make all the beds look like turn down service at a 5 star hotel.  Make each bathroom look like a spa.

What Buyers Hear

Fix the running toilet.  Fix the squeaky doors – all of them, inside and out.  Change out he buzzing light bulbs.  Leave the TV on the classical music channel when buyers are scheduled to visit.

What Buyers Smell

If any part of your house smells like mold, you have to fix it.  Honestly.  Mold, dog and cat pee, cigar and cigarette smoke, nursery changing station, teenager’s rooms with festering putrid piles of laundry all must be treated.  A smelly house is one of the biggest turn-offs to buyers.  Once you’ve gotten rid of any offensive odors, then concentrate on filling your house with emotional scents – home made bread, home made cookies, fresh cut flowers, ginger bread, and peppermint are always appealing.

What Buyers Taste

Since you made those cookies to make the house smell better, just leave them out for your prospective buyers to snack on.  Put out a gourmet cook book so they can imagine all the tasty meals they can prepare in the kitchen.  Put little chocolates on the turned-down beds and don’t be surprised it they disappear.

What buyers Feel

Clean all the counters.  Clean the floors.  Clean the cabinet doors.  Clean the door knobs.  Anything a buyer may touch to either see inside you storage spaces or rooms, or anything a buyer has to touch to navigate through your house has to be clean.  Sticky, gummy, gooey, icky surfaces are a huge no no.  Then put plush puffy towels on the bath counters (remember the spa – make them want to touch the towels!)  Puff up the bed linens to look soft and cozy.  Soft and clean everywhere.

Take some time to tour your house with each of the senses in mind and you’ll understand what kind of impression you’re making on potential buyers.  Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Give me a call – we can take a tour together and put together a plan to get your house sold that makes sense to everyone.

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