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Hot Home Inspection Tip 1 – Directly From the Expert

Shopping for homes to buy in Orange County, CA?  Here are some insider tips from Jack Clausen, owner of JLC Inspections. Tips that are aimed at helping you guage the condition of the home  – up-front – the same way a home inspector develops a particular mindset when he first enters the home.  So you can make an offer that better matches the condition of the home.

What is your overall impression of the home?

1.Is it trashed?

You know what this means, right?  This is a technical Real Estate term meaning dirty, damaged, disgusting, dilapitated, and dreadful.  Bank Owned homes are the most likely to be in this sort of condition.  Just know that if you can see a number of items that are broken, chipped, cracked, uneven, peeling or smelley, there are probably a number of things you can’t see that are broken as well.  Expect that a home inspection report on a house in this kind of condition will result in a long list of recommended repairs for your health and safety.

2. Is it in so – so condition?

Older, but appears well maintained and clean?  You’d expect to find fewer items mentioned in the home inspection report than you would in the trashed house.

3. Is the home less than one year old, recently remodeled, or in pristine condition?

Expect to find even fewer items on the home inspection report.   But don’t be misled – there are cases where brand new homes have some major issues. This is just more unusual to find.

Typically, the mindset you adopt based on the clues the house is giving you regarding how well it was built originally and how well it has been maintained over the years will match the relative scope of the results of the inspection report.  But get real – no home is perfect.  There will always be items noted on the inpection report.  Always.

Like Jack says, use a relative framework as you tour the house to get a mindset for which general category you are dealing with and this will give you a more realistic expcetation about what you’re home inspection will report.

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