How Far Do You Need to Go to Stage Your Mission Viejo House to Sell?

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How Far Do You Need to Go to Stage Your Mission Viejo House to Sell?

How Far Are You Willing to Go to Stage Your Mission Viejo House to Sell?

Now that we are back to a more normal real estate market, you have to stage your Mission Viejo house to sell before the For Sale sign goes up and the internet is alerted.  Here’s a five stage scale of readiness for Mission Viejo home owners out there considering taking advantage of the huge home sales price increases combined with  the typically hottest selling season of the year in Orange County.  How far do you need to go to stage your Mission Viejo house to sell?

Selling Readiness Stage One – This is where your house is so well decorated, your family members – both two-legged and four-legged plus – are organized, meticulously tidy, and clean up after themselves on a daily basis. Your furniture, accessories, arrangements, and fashion relevancy are all spot on. You hardly have to lift a finger to be ready for the paparazzi house photo session and the lineup of buyers who’ll be pounding on your door shortly after your Realtor hits the “submit” button on your listing details.

Selling Readiness Stage Two – Maybe you need a couple of days to put away all of the evidence that daily life actually takes place at your house.  School books, the pile of mail, the folded laundry, and the kitchen appliances need to be put away, and you need those fresh vacuum tracks on all the carpets.  Your furniture is lovely, your house is clean, you just need a little de-clutter.

Selling Readiness Stage Three – The interior needs to be painted to wash away the so-last-century paint colors and the so many decades of wear and tear.  The kitchen needs new appliances and new counter tops, a chisel won’t be enough to cut through the grime.  Consider asking the painter if he can salvage the cabinets and make them look new again. You need new sod in the front yard and the back, the dirt won’t cut it right now.  You need to buy (as in go to a store and make a purchase) actual bedding for all of the beds in your house, all of your beds including the children’s and the parents.  And you’ll need a minimum of five pillows with matching pillow cases on each of the beds in your house.  You need accessories to place on the kitchen and bathroom counters.  Zit medicine tubes and retainer trays do not count as accessories in either the bathroom or the kitchen.

Selling Readiness Stage Four – You need both interior and exterior paint, appliances, and counters, and  you need a half a house full of lovely furniture to replace what you’ll be donating to the Salvation Army or your local charity of choice.  You need to wrap your family members and pets in plastic to prevent them from making a mark on your freshly painted walls.  You recognize the advantage of accessories as opposed to elementary school art projects as a decorating strategy.  You have Pods on your cell phone speed dial.

Selling Readiness Stage Five – Throw in the towel.  Move out all of your furniture.  Move to temporary housing.  Hire a staging company to bring in a compete house full of tasteful, fashionably relevant furniture and accessories and bedding, and smile at the photographer as he arrives for the twilight shoot.  The small check you’ll write for this will seem irrelevant when you get that great offer three days later.

How far do you need to go to stage your Mission Viejo house to sell?

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