Heroes Who Make Sure Escrow Closes on Time in Mission Viejo Real Estate

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Heroes Who Make Sure Escrow Closes on Time in Mission Viejo Real Estate

Mission Viejo Unsung Heroes Who Make Sure Escrow Closes on Time

Often, it takes heroic action to make sure escrow closes on time in the fast moving Mission Viejo real estate market.  These heroic actions, or lack thereof, are often the tipping point to make sure escrow closes on time – determining whether or not the seller and buyer will accomplish their contracted objective of completing the transaction.  And with between 24 and 36 people responsible for the myriad activities that have to happen to make sure escrow closes on time, there are lots of opportunities for heroic actions.  Here just a few examples of heroic actions individual people chose to take in order to make sure escrow closed.

The loan rep who stepped in for a vacationing colleague, who’s vacation started eight days after the originally contracted close of escrow and the buyer//borrower had not been granted final loan approval to even secure the funds to close the escrow.  The heroic Pinch Lender managed to escalate the loan file to the right authorities, re-structure the loan terms, and get a few exceptions authorized, get the approval needed and keep the pressure on the right people to complete the loan, thereby saving the escrow from certain implosion.  Heroic actions each of which required the Pinch Lender to work extra hours, evenings, and early mornings  to assure the successful outcome for their client.

The  escrow officer who started her work day according to Eastern Time Zone working hours, because those were the hours the buyers’ lenders’ closing departments were on, in order to make sure the steps necessary to have the buyers’ loan documents signed, the buyers’ funds to close received, the loan funds released and received, and the file confirmed recorded all in the same day.  And who kept her wits about her and had the tenacity to ask other people to step up to the deadline as well.  Including letting the lender’s HUD approval representative know, that after countless changes the lender’s HUD approval representative had requested, she was not hanging up from their phone call until the HUD was approved, as she only had five minutes to make the cut off deadline for recording the transfer of ownership of this Mission Viejo home.  She knew the clock was ticking beginning at 5 AM Pacific Time and she put the notion of “normal hours of operation” behind her and did the only thing that could be done to make the closing on time. Her willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty was instrumental to make the close the escrow on time.

Real Estate deals in Orange County CA are not like play or a concert.  There may be just as many performers involved, you just never know when it’s Show Time.  And you never know whose shoulders it will fall on to things keep moving along by coming in early, staying late, working from home, skipping lunch or giving out your personal cell phone number.  This time of year especially, I am thankful for those unsung heroes – you know who you are!

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