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Fun and Games With Mission Viejo Real Estate Deals

The Real Mission Viejo Real Estate Deals

In case you’ve already grown bored of the board games you got this holiday season, you might like this little game if you’re into Mission Viejo Real Estate deals.  Below are sound bites from several real Mission Viejo real estate deals, and a couple of other Orange County, CA neighborhoods.  Cut them out, fold them up, and put them in a little bowl.  Pick teams and take turns acting out the situation or delivering the line.  The more drama the better.

Gnash your teeth, stomp your feet, flail your arms, pull out your hair, raise your voice, add cuss words (if you’re parents will allow it) and even cry if you feel like it will make the situation more dramatic.

Whoever makes the most drama wins.

+ There’s rat poop in the attic.

+ The loft was added without a permit.

+ We can’t verify your previous employment because the company you used to

work for was acquired by another company and all the records were lost.

And all the people you used to work with have left the company so nobody remembers you.

+ We couldn’t verify your employment so your loan documents will not be

ready to sign before you leave the country for your two week vacation.

+ The stucco was patched with play doh.

+ There’s dust on the window sills.

+ You don’t qualify for the loan program you were pre-approved for because

the lender didn’t realize that you’re not actually an employee of the company you work for.

+ Someone died in this house.

+ The Septic Pit is 90% full.

+ The microwave needs to be at least 15 inches above the cook top and yours is only nine.

+ You’re buying the house as a single man and you got married a week before

you were due to close escrow?

I’m sure by now you realize how fun it is to be involved in a Mission Viejo Real Estate deal these days!

I’m Leslie Eskildsen.  Just keeping it real in Mission Viejo real estate.

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