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Finding Your Mission Viejo Dream Home Plays on Emotion

People looking for that Mission Viejo dream home buy based on emotion. While I am not at all qualified to break down the Baby cryingpsychology of home sales to a metabolic level, citing the cues that spark a rise In the level of endorphins in the brain of a prospective buyer, upon casting their eyes on a possible Mission Viejo dream home, that will push them to the point of pulling the trigger and making an offer. What I can tell you, from firsthand experience, is that there is something that comes over a home buyer when they find the Mission Viejo dream home they like. Here are the most obvious clues that let me know a buyer is going to make a move. Literally.

When the buyer starts talking out loud about each piece of their furniture, making wide, arching arm gestures approximating the length and width of each piece they have and where they’d put it in the their new house, you know they’re responding. There’s a huge emotional reaction is taking place and you just know they’ve found a house they’d like to own. And that means they’re going to be making an offer!

When the buyer looks at every single cabinet, counter, sink, fixture, and square inch of flooring, and says I can change this to granite, and that to hard wood, and put in the ultra modern fixtures and their eyes glaze over with the images of the new remodel, I just have to presume that all those happy chemicals are shooting off inside the buyers head and an offer is soon to follow.

When the buyer sees the kitchen island, the little girl’s room with the princess bed, the huge grassy back yard, and the view of the Saddleback Mountains, you can just tell that there’s been a switch turned in her brain and her face lights up like magic. You know this is the one!

When the buyer stands in the entry and moves her head from left to right one time. Her shoulders drop, her eyes open wide, and her smile lights up her entire face. And there’s a little tear dripping down her cheek. Bingo!

When the home inspector says there are water stains on the garage roof, and the termite inspector says there are bugs in the attic and the buyer says “Is that all?” You know you’ve found them the right home.

Something physically happens to people looking for a home when they see the house that works for them. Usually, they become animated, excited, they stand up taller, and sport a big smiley face. Other times there are tears of joy. I’m not a psychologist, just a Realtor who’s seen some big smiley faces, and some happy tears,

It’s what I live for.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen.  Keeping it real in Mission Viejo real estate.

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