Everything’s Up to Date in Mission Viejo Home Buying and Selling

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Everything’s Up to Date in Mission Viejo Home Buying and Selling

Make Sure Technology is Helping You be Competitive in Today’s Mission Viejo Home Market

Advancing technology breakthroughs surround us.  Whether it’s a new monitor that can help you lose weight by tracking what you eat and how much exercise you are getting, to an app with recipes for all your Thanksgiving favorites, we all know technology advances are taking place in every part of our lives.  Just so you don’t lose any sleep wondering how all of us here in the Real Estate world are getting along in this technology rich environment, here’s how some tech savvy buyers, sellers and Realtors are using technology to their advantage  in neighborhoods like Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza and Rancho Santa Margarita.

It goes without saying that to be a successful buyer in today’s market, you have to be notified immediately when a new listing that meets your basic criteria hits the market.  Meaning the minute the listing details and photos are up on the internet – (in the California Regional Multiple Listing Service, then on to Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Redfin.com and countless other internet Real Estate sites.)  Most Realtors these days will glue their clients into automatic updates – then both of you watch your email inbox, waiting for the right opportunity.

So let’s say you do get an update for a home you know you’re going to love.  While you wrap up a couple of things at work and dash off to meet your Realtor at the home, she’s working on an offer package and has it written up ready for you when she meets you at the home.  On her iPad or tablet. You fall in love with the home.  Presto!  Your agent fills in a couple of boxes, hands you’re the magic stylus for you to initial and sign in  all the right places, then immediately sends the offer over to the other agent, with your pre-approval letter, your proof of funds and a copy of your deposit check.  And all of that happening in the blink of an eye at the kitchen counter of your (hopefully) new home.  Oh, you only brought hard copies of your documentation?  No worries.  Your tech savvy agent can snap a quick photo, turn it into a PDF file and attach it to your offer.  No paper.  No carbon copies.  No fax machines.

As a buyer in today’s massively competitive housing market where multiple offers are so common, do you suppose that being able to submit a complete offer that fast would make you stand out among the other offers?  Do you suppose that having an agent that can figure out how to manage that sort of lightening speed might be an asset to have working on your side?

As a seller, would it be helpful or encouraging to receive an offer within hours of listing your home for sale?  Would you have some confidence in the capability of the buyer and their agent to get through the rest of the purchasing process?

So the next person you see with their face planted in their phone, iPad, or other electronic device may not be re-tweeting a great Turkey stuffing recipe.  They may actually be making an offer to buy a home.  Faster than you are.

I’m Leslie Eskildsen.  The Real Deal in Real Estate in Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Coto de Caza.  Call me 949-678-3373.  Text me.  Email me.  Fill out this form>

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