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Communication is Key to Mission Viejo Real Estate

Trust Me When I Say Communication is Key to Mission Viejo Real Estate Transaction Success

Communication is key to Mission Viejo real estate.  If you aren’t consciously and actively communicating with your realtor, your lender, your home inspector, and everyone involved in your Mission Viejo real estate transaction – then you are doing yourself and others a disservice.  Communication is key to Mission Viejo real estate process.  If you are dropping the ball and not realizing that communication is key to Mission Viejo real estate, then you are losing out on repeat clients, referrals, deals, and – ultimately – money.

Responsiveness and Common Courtesy

How long would you go without getting a returned phone call, email, or text message when you are depending on the other person for information crucial to the successful completion of your job? And what do you do about it when the other person doesn’t work for you, your company, your client, or your clients’ company?  Welcome to my world.  A world filled, for the most part, with capable, competent, and caring people who are good at what they do and realize the extent to which others depend on them to complete the transaction.

Here’s what really gets me steamed when it comes to helping good people buy a lovely home in a great Mission Viejo neighborhood –  people on the team who don’t return calls, texts, or emails in a timely manner.  Communication and coordination is key – between Realtors and their clients, the buyers and their lender, and the buyer and the seller. So what’s the meaning of “in a timely manner” when it comes to a real estate transaction in the year 2014 in Mission Viejo?

Most of the folks on the team realize the importance of actually picking up and answering the phone when you can see it is someone involved in the escrow project.  You should return calls, texts, and emails within a matter of minutes.  Maybe within a couple of hours at worst. This goes for the both the buyer team and the seller team. This is your job after all, and this is how everyone involved makes a living or completes their real estate goal.

Answering your phone is always the best practice when you are involved in an escrow.  I enjoy having a two-way, live conversation with someone playing a role on the team.  Second best is leaving a voice mail with a complete question or a complete answer.  Not just, “Hi Leslie, it’s Brian with Banana Bank.  Can you give me a call?”  Tell me what you need to tell me or ask me what you need to ask me.  We don’t have time for phone tag when we’re in escrow and the clock is ticking. Be efficient!

Texting is an option.  I’m a fan of texting in many situations.  Texting is not my first choice when we’re in escrow.  I don’t read texts when I’m driving,  it is unsafe and against the law.  So if you text me,  I may not be able to respond to your text in a timely manner.  Also, remember that some people who are on the team when we’re in escrow actually CAN’T text.  They work in an office and use a land line phone.

So please be responsive and courteous when it comes to communication and timeliness. It benefits everyone involved and will help to boost your reputation and success in the Mission Viejo real estate. It’s just common sense.

I’m Leslie Sargent Eskildsen, the Real Deal Realtor specializing in Mission Viejo home sales. Take a look at some of the homes for sale in Mission Viejo right now. Looking to sell, rather than buy? Check out this blog on Mission Viejo home selling tips, and be sure to peruse other blog posts for more helpful advice!

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